Whispered Confessions

Whispered confessions:
I need a spanking… Not because I have done anything bad and have earned one. I just need the sensations and emotions and the feeling of release I get from a spanking. I want the blushy embarrassment that comes from being stripped down and exposed, the butterflies that spring to life in my belly when I have that moment of realization that no negotiation, argument, pout or puppy dog eyes is going to prevent my bottom being promptly reddened. I need that feeling of helplessness and exposure as I am pulled over Daddy’s knee, on the edge of imbalance, knowing tthe strength of Daddy’s hand is keeping me in place. My head down limiting my vision of what is going on behind me, but knowing that I am showing Daddy everything as I wiggle and shiver with fearful anticipation. I need the worry in my mind as I try to remember the sting, over time have I embellished the sensation in my mind? Or have I blunted the pain in my memories, focusing on the other sensations of previous scenes. I need that sudden spark of rebellion that rises up in those moments before the first stroke, that has me quietly deciding to fight the correction as it is unjust as I am a big girl who does not need guidance. Finally I need that burning sting of the first stroke of Daddy’s hand, that sends bolts of electricity through my entire body, that stroke quickly followed by another and another. The build of it all, the heat, the sting, the sensation, my cries, my struggles. I want that moment when my control is completely removed. I am held tight on Daddy’s lap, unable to stop or avoid the rain of swats, unable to come up with the words to stop his purpose, unable to control my limbs as they move and flail and kick with no instruction given, instinct taken over. I need the moment of relief when the spanking pauses. The gratitude of the reprieve, then the renewed anxiety as I realize that was just the warm up, that I will soon feel the implement of Daddy’s choice. The moment of panic as I take stock of my burning bottom, can I really take more? surely I’ll break? I need the feeling of connection as Daddy, encourages me. Despite the fact I am upended over his lap at his mercy and he is completely in control I feel closer to him when he calls me a good girl, tells me I am taking it well, assuring me it is almost over. I need the feel of the implement, be it the deep thuddy crack of the paddle, the burn of the hairbrush, the firey lines of the cane, or the stingy bite of the switch. I need the intensity. I need the feeling of my final defences being stripped away, the moment I realize I do not decide when it stops, the moment I accept and embrace the pain, the moment of release. I do so want Daddy’s strong arms wrapping around me, that immediate feeling of comfort once he has recognized and accepted my surrender. His murmured words of assurance, his quiet patience as I pour out my emotions on his shoulder. I need the calmness that settles over me as he rocks me gently. I even need the feeling of my bottom. Properly reddened, thoroughly spanked. Throbbing and so hot I am sure it could fry an eggs, the blush on my face as I feel my hands reach back to feel the damage. The raised welts giving it an almost bumpy and rough texture, the warmth at this point almost comforting. I need the knowing that once I am alone, I will examine my bottom in the mirror, completely fascinated by the marks of Daddy’s correction left behind. I will look at my bottom and be proud I endured it, I will feel beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Whispered Confessions

  1. Wow, you captured so much here: desire,need for vulnerability for that safe connection, and the power of being told good girl. I notice in your closing the word correction is used. (“…fascinated by the marks of Daddy’s correction). I thought how for me that was a real confession of how spankings give to complete surrender. Mindset correction? As you say I t takes down the final defense…….loved your post

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    1. Hey! Thanks so much for the shout out. :). I am glad you liked the post. Surrender is a very apt word for what happens through the process. I lapsed into my practical experiences there. Spankings are so multifunction from stress relief to punishment. As I am still new to this and my one on one time with Daddy is spaced out and sporadic, I am still learning and therefore many times I am getting a spanking for corrective purposes. So that seemed to be the most obvious word choice. But no matter the ‘why’ I am most definitely surrending myself into Daddy’s control when I go over his lap. ;). Thanks again for the comment.

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