Great idea! …don’t think Daddy will go for it.

This is such a nifty idea!  The little in me was mesmerized by the picture alone, so I think it would be effective.  

I am tempted to suggest this to Daddy.  The thing is, though I have spent my fair share of time with my nose in the corner, I am not overly prone to tantrums.  When I am an the corner Daddy wants me to be fully aware that I am in the corner.  He wants me ‘thinking’ about what put me there and what is about to follow.  

I think Daddy would see the pretty sparkle bottle as a distraction that would take away the focus of cornertime. (Whisper). I wouldn’t mind the distraction.  Corner time makes me feel extremely exposed and vulnerable and can seem endless sometimes.  

On the other hand what could be more of a climactic build then slowly watching your final moments of reprieve drifting away. Knowing and not guessing, exactly when your moment of reckoning had arrived?  I think focus would still be firmly set actually.

How many of my fellow ‘littles’ experience cornertime?  Which do you think would be worse.  Watching your time slip away or waiting in ignorance of when the next step would begin?


One thought on “Great idea! …don’t think Daddy will go for it.

  1. Wow what a great idea! I think I’d find a time out bottle more calming and thus more likely to kill a tantrum. True it may be too distracting and corner time does seem effective (meaning that you say you have to “think” about why you’re there)…But maybe a combination of the two could be just as effective.. such as a time out with a glitter bottle followed by a ‘talk’ about why you were sent to time out and whats to follow?

    I’m also tempted to suggest it to Mummy as I think she’d prefer this idea rather than a typical punishment. It’s seems like it would be less of a ‘punishment’ and more of a productive way to calm my little down…

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