And along comes Winter!

I love the Autumn!  The lovely colours!  That crispness in the air!  The piles of leaves!  It is my favourite season!  But in my neck of the woods it is also the shortest season, and now it is gone.

We had our first snowfall the other day.  It was fairly mild just a dusting of that flakey white stuff littering the ground.  Not enough to build a snow man or make a snow angel, won’t be able to go tobogganing for a while yet.  But it did herald the steady fall of the mercury in our thermometers and I had to upgrade to my winter jacket and had to retire my flip flops.  Yes, until yesterday I was more often then not traipsing around about my day with only a pair of flip flops to protect my feet from the elements.

I do enjoy some parts of winter.  Like I stated above, I enjoy making snow men!  This year I plan on doing a scene reminiscint of a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.  I enjoy ice skating and snow shooing.  But right now I have to wait.  Not enough snow and the ice isn’t thick enough.  Just the cold is here, the cold and the gloomy grey.  The drivers who after only one summer forgot that ice is slippery and slowing down is compromised.  The  shift of moving many daily activities inside.   The beginning of winter is so depressing, it seems to be a glum limbo where we sit and wait for better things to come. Hopefully it settles in fast so we can get to the good stuff at least!


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