Yup, I just love pain.

Apparently I just can’t get enough pain.  Whether I am a naughty ‘little’ or a health conscious ‘big’. I am just not happy unless I ache after a session.  I had bootcamp yesterday.  I am actually doing an 8 week challenge.  Part of the challenge is finding extra curricular workouts through out the week.  Every time we do an extra work out our name goes in a draw for weekly prizes.  So I have been happily doing my Zumba and yoga and jogging and my trainer always had this big encouraging smile on her face as she cheers me and the others on for our efforts.  Then she proceeds to put us through an hour of pure torture.  I am not joking,  my muscles were singing  after only 2 of like a 20 station interval routine. Burpees were present frequently in all their variety along with pulsing squats and lunges, v-sit holds, walking planks, the list goes on.  I felt like I was hobbling like an 80 year old as I left class, this morning everything up to my eyelids hurt.

So I developed a theory or two as I made my ten minute struggle to get out of bed this morning. One theory is that my trainer is sub consciously seeking revenge on us for doing outside activities.  Despite her smiles and cheers she is jealous that I Zumba on Mondays for example, therefore puts us through a work out that will have us incompacitated until we see her again.  A big passive aggressive “ME! YOU ONLY NEED ME!” Type statement.  If this theory is correct I think she needs a Daddy to spank her.  There have been a couple of times I got through the workout with my eyes shut tight and my jaw clenched as I imagined her getting a good walloping for bullying behaviour.  It made those final lunges or reverse crunches or whatever possible in the moment.  My 2nd theory is that all fitness buffs have some for of bdsm tendency.  Some  either get gratification from causing pain to their willing (yes I have to admit willing) participants. Holding the reigns  of power and making others jump through their hoops as they watch the pained reactions hear the suffering moans.  Or some like finding some one to test them, push their boundaries, and make them push through the pain, and despite the fact that every muscle screams they will clamour back for more.  

I mean I know I will go back, I dread it through the week, I whine both during and after ( not whine exactly, but I am the sarcastic class clown of the group).  But I always come back, with a smile on my face saying bring on the hurt!


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