Another craft to keep me busy!

So….Christmas season is upon us!  This always leaves me with some mixed feelings.   I grew up loving Christmas,  my family had a lot of fun traditions and everything was done with great production and fanfare.  From the getting and decorating of the tree, to the Christmas baking, even to the preparation for Santa.  My parents even went so far as to Jingle some bells outside in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and left ‘evidence’ of his visit.  Boot prints in the fireplace, partially eaten cookies, and this swatch of red fluffy material caught on the fireplace frame from where ‘he’ snagged his outfit on the way out.  I have many fond memories from a child’s perspective.

  As the years passed the family grew, schedules changed and some traditions began to fade.  Then I became more aware of the flip side of Christmas,  the snarky shoppers, the crowded shopping centres ( that was glaringly evident during my days working in retail). When you see the ‘business’of Christmas a lot of your illusions fall away.  

Now,  I am trying to wade my way through this most recent season attempting to recapture some of the magic from my childhood years and not get caught up in the consumer driven mob.  So I decided this year that I would make my Christmas gifts.  I found some great ideas on pintrest,  the one I am focusing on is seed art or seed mosaics.  They are quite versatile and are actually quite attractive.  It had been a good start to revive some of the excitement as I decide which designs to attempt, who will get what, matching personalities to colour schemes and designs.  It had also been a good opportunity to have some quality time with some of my family.  My mom and sister and I will get together and putter around on out different projects and reminisce about past years whilst listening to Xmas music.  Throw in some seasonal  treats to snack on and a reward of hot cocoa when your little crafting bee is done that holiday spirit is bound to surface.  

These are some of my first attempts… I am getting the knack of it now, hopefully the recipients enjoy them as much as I have been making them. 



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