Merry Christmas!

Wishing the best to you and yours!


Some more crafts that I have completed.

I had mentioned my intention of making Xmas gifts this holiday season.  It has been really fun and quite relaxing.  It did take me a little while to master the hot glue gun and not end a session with a gagillion blisters…that stuff is like lava!  ‘Specially  when my knee jerk reaction when I get an Ouchie on my finger is to stick it in my mouth.  DON’T DO THAT!  That just spreads the fiery lava glue to your lips and then the hurt really starts!  Well that is my tip to pass on to fellow crafters for the day.  Anyway,  here are some pics of my latest seed art masterpieces.  Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Hohoho this year! 


Holiday hulabaloo

Happy Holidays and Seasons greetings all!  It is 10 sleeps til’ Xmas!  Can I hear a woo hoo!

The hustle and bustle of the season has me trucking from one thing to the other. We got out first snowfall just days after my earlier lament. So it is white and with the above average temperatures it is prime snowman making conditions. Hoping to take advantage in the next few days here. Unfortunately, if the weather conditions are prime for the making of snowmen it means driving is a bit of a trial. That is so far my only complaint so far this holiday season.

 Well that and the fact that I haven’t seen Daddy in AGES! We haven’t been able to meet up due to poopy work humph! In this time I have earned myself another punishment, again for lapsing a bit in my journal entries. I could not honestly tell you if the lapse was caused by my busy schedule or a subconscious test to see if Daddy was following up. Well this little one quickly found out Daddy was watching…and that means I have to answer for my actions, the excuse doesn’t really matter now. Even though when I was called on my actions I tried the cute approach of a game of multiple choice. I gave Daddy 4 possible reasons this lapse in journaling could have occurred. If he chose the correct one he got a prize! I thought it was adorable and possibly distracting! Who wouldn’t be distracted by a mystery prize! Yeah…didn’t work so much. Daddy countered with 3 possible punishments I could choose from that would rectify my behavior. This being a repeat offence, all of DADDY’S choices were designed to leave a rather distinct impression to ensure we would not revisit this issue for a long time. I am thinking it was also designed to see where my evolution is sitting at. As it touched on some activities that I have showed both interest in the concept but worry at the reality of. One option was to record my punishment including the usual cornertime, handspanking, cornertime, and implement spanking punishment. Then post a link of it to my journal. I have been slowly pushing my exhibitionist tendencies, but that was just too exposing for me too fast. So, I was leaning towards no. The other was to invite another ‘ little’ or ‘mommy’ to watch/ possibly participate in my ct/hs/ct/is punishment routine. Again I have been interested, despite the many embarrassing scenarios that could crop up, of playing with other littles. I have been slowly ghosting my local ‘little’world trying to bring up the gumption to start making other friends in the lifestyle. The process is slow as I can be super shy, and I certainly haven’t developed enough of a relationship with any of them to have them witness a punishment. So that was a pretty strong no. Then the next option was a private option, cause Daddy is sooooo kind ( just a bit of sarcasm there). This one would be just Daddy and little ol me. But it would involve not only the usual ct/hs/ct/is routine, But I would also receive a mouthsoaping(yucky x10!) and my first *gulp* enema. All to be followed by a strapping with the belt. Then it would be repeated all over again the next time we got together as a “reminder”. When I read this option I was like my poor poor bottom! But it definitely drove home the realization that I would be willing to endure more ouchies then expose myself to others before I am ready as this option was chosen with little hesitation. Not that I am not nervous about it, the butterflies have been going since I read the message. And the way the schedule thing is going, it seems I have ages to wait and imagine and worry. Despite the worry I am eager to see Daddy as soon as possible, cause I know despite the scary punishment, I am due lots of strong Daddy cuddles and kisses and I am missing him something fierce!