Why Did I open my big mouth?!

So I need to give some backstory here. As some of you might have read, I earned myself a punishment for not meeting my journal frequency requirements. This was a second infraction so the decided punishment was designed for both discipline and deterrent purposes.  

Now one of the hurdles of long distance relationships coupled with transitory schedules is finding a time to meet up for pleasure, punishment or what have you. Sooooo, I haven’t received my punishment for that infraction yet. Now the fear of that particular bottom blistering had me walking the strait and narrow for a while. Then Xmas happened, my ‘Big’ life responsibilities intensified and….well time flew by in general. And I found myself lapsing in my journal entry requirements once again. Now Daddy has made it clear that if big life takes over he is willing to bend the rules if I ask for a little wiggle room. But I have to ask…I forgot to ask 😦

This left Daddy and me with a conundrum. On Daddy’s side, he doesn’t want me to think I can get away a new infraction just because, even though it has been acknowledged and correction has be outlined, I haven’t been punished yet for a previous infraction. On my side, I have asked Daddy to call me on my lapses and hold me accountable but I find it a little difficult when I don’t have the benefit of the preventative reminder and am waiting in limbo.  

So Daddy called me on my lapse and we both agreed it couldn’t slide, he suggested some supplementary punishments to add to my current one. Of course, he asked my opinion, Daddy does so like to draw me into discussion over my punishments, no passive acceptance for me. Sometimes he lists some options and I have the ‘pleasure’ of choosing my poison. Other times he tries to draw out some punishments from my own brain. This time he had listed some options, and this time I countered with one of my own. Part of it was my flight instinct kicking in! I just couldn’t fathom being able to take on anything MORE in one session. My punishment, when it comes, will be rather intense as it is with a number of firsts thrown into the mix. I don’t know how I am gonna react to what is already lined up. I think anything more will be extraneous as the current outline will be preventative enough. Another part of me also needed to start having some sort of immediate accountability. I hate disappointing Daddy and I don’t look forward to punishments but apparently the threat of an elusive session only has so much effect. So this is where I decided to offer up the idea of my own, where I could hopefully spare my bottom later and start paying for my lapse to Daddy’s satisfaction in the here and now. I never had much experience with long distance discipline or how to go about it. I DID know however that when Daddy tested my orgasm denial that it drove me bonkers. So I suggested Daddy take control of my orgasms. Currently I have had assumed consent in place as long as I follow the guidelines and Daddy hasn’t put an assignment in place. So I basically asked Daddy to take the assumed consent away until we can get the rest of my punishment taken care of. Apparently I thought I really had to sell the idea and added the insane idea that for maintenance purposes that I could only orgasm on the days I do a journal entry.  

Well Daddy agreed with my proposal about orgasm denial as a good form of immediate punishment. But of course he made some of his own tweaks. So I am not to orgasm until we meet up. That was supposed to be next week, but a scheduling conflict (on my end) arose so that now may be longer (super big pouty face). Daddy also said that I have to tease myself every night before bedtime for 30 mins. I have to have my nipples clipped and my plug in for playtime. Daddy also said he would throw in the odd special assignment. For instance to start things of Daddy stipulated playtime would be for a full hour and I wasn’t allowed to use my hands or any toys. I had to tease myself by rubbing my thighs together or dry humping a pillow. That kinda thing. It was so embarrassing yet when the tension began to build and instinct took over anything was better then nothing. That set the tone that this was indeed a punishment and I immediately started asking myself….Why did I open my big mouth?! I am definitely gonna be one contrite little girl by the time this punishment is over. But it is a bit of a relief to be able to have a tangible form of repentance instead of a worry over a future event. Here’s to hoping Daddy takes a bit of pity on his contrite little girl and doesn’t throw in too many special assignments.



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