There is camouflage in being ‘quirky’

My quirky personality really is good camouflage for being a ‘little’ in a big world.  For weeks I have been eyeing this collection of adorable and cuddly looking  hoodies at this store in a mall I frequent.  They all have these  animal characters with big innocent eyes, the hoods have ears and some even have tails on the back hem. 

The store is geared toward maybe a teen  demographic.  I have really wanted to try them on but the big in me felt out of place.  Then there was this 40% off store wide sale!  Well the bargain hunter in me just couldn’t resist anymore.  So I bottled up some courage and entered the younger domain and sifted through the various animal faces to find the one(s) that spoke most to me.  

What does the fox say?!

This one was an easy pick!  I have had a minor obsession with foxes ever since that song came out, plus it came in that fuzzy and fleecy material.  The definition of snuggly.


This little lamb one caught me with its eyes!  I couldn’t really resist.  It was pink which isn’t exactly my colour of choice, but my ‘little’ is warming to the colour so I decided it would be a good choice.

So I had made my selection, and made my way directly to the check out.  I couldn’t bring myself to try them on in store because that felt like announcing they were for me. I already felt conspicuous, but if I just purchased them, well they could be a gift for a younger sibling or a neice.  That gave me a bit more confidence.

Once I got them home I tried them on and was grateful I was able to get the fit right.  The fox one was super snuggly and I didn’t want to take it off.  Then I was stuck for when I would wear them.  I suddenly was hit with a flash of defiant courage.  I wanted to wear them out! Not just for little time!  So I decided to wear my fox one, later in the week when I went to a casual gathering of friends.  A safer group to avoid mortifying embarrassment, maybe a little ribbing. When I arrived I soon realized my worries really were for naught.  They barely batted an eye in surprise.  Some sang the chorus of that fox song and most asked where I found it, one girlfriend kept stroking my arm in awe of the softness.  But me in a childish fox faced sweater with ears on the hood? It was almost expected.  I am the clown of my group, with the quirky ideas, and the mischievous antics, this really was nothing new to them.  My ‘little’s” confidence grew quite a bit that day.  I have stopped thinking twice about choosing either of them when I am going into town.  They really do describe my personality quite well and I have obviously let enough of my ‘little’ shine through that is commonplace even in my muggle circles.  When I wear something like this it’s just quirky me being quirky me! 



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