March is here!  Another month disapeared before I could blink an eye even with the extra day in February!  This year has been a flurry of chaotic busyness so far, which has come with a healthy dose of stress, but it is all for a greater good and I am willing to push forward and eager to see a brighter future!  

Of course it had been absolutely MADDENING!  Me and Daddy have been so close to getting together so many times, then at the last minute circumstances snatched those rare and precious opportunities away.  I am almost grateful I am so busy right now because it saves me from thinking about how LONG it has been.  The downfall of that is I haven’t been able to reach my ‘little’ zone for a while.  I have done my little activities, but before in was able to shut down and forget the world and be ‘little’, playful, silly and carefree.  Now in the back of my brain I am scrolling through to do lists, double checking schedules and balancing budgets.  Definitely need my Daddy for some TLC and some assistance into my little kingdom.

On the upside it is March, which is my favorite month!  And my birthday month!  Or is it my favorite month because it is my birthday month?  There is Easter too!  And hopefully the green stuff will replace the white stuff covering the ground!

Happy March Madness everyone!


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