Candy candy candy!!!!!

Hi all!  I am hopped up on sugar, nearly guaranteed a belly ache and enjoying numerous taste sensations. I love Candy!

Though I love the numerous sweet and sour and chewy confections I do not indulge overly much, but yesterday I made the most delightful exception.

It all started about a week ago.  I have a very pregnant friend who had a very strong craving for Mojos. She couldn’t find any and asked me where some likely places to find them would be.  I knew of this delightful candy store I had encountered on a trip to the mountains a couple years ago.  It was like entering Willy Wonkas candy wonderland.  Every type of candy you could remember from your childhood, all there in a sweet colourful rainbow!  

Problem was it is about a 2 1/2 hr drive away from where we live.  I mentioned it anyway, more as a joke then anything.  Well…never underestimate a pregnant woman and the power of her cravings.  Before I knew it we were planning a trip to the mountains, other friends in out circle were invited and a silly candy conversation blossomed into a girls night out.  We all made our candy agendas and orders were made from people unable to attend. The drive was lovely, the scenery was beautiful, but the truth was we were really only there for the candy, we walked the strip of stores that made up the commercial hub of the little tourist town.  We first found a sweet shop (not the one I had reccomended). We checked it out, it was rather impressive, but nothing to the one I would later lead my friends too, then we moved on to this fudgery, it had every flavour imaginable of fudge and they bear paw chocolates that are absolutely delightful. I got a couple of those. Mmmmm.  Then we moved on to supper.  NEVER a good idea to go candy shopping on an empty stomach.  Then we arrived at our destination.  I loved bringing my friends there.  Seeing their eyes widen in awe as we entered our little wonderland!  Now I had some idea of what I looked like when I discovered that place a couple years ago.  We spent 45mins in there exploring,  we reminisced over candy we hadn’t seen since our childhoods, announced our then and now preferences.  I personally spent a long time at the wall of salt water taffy.  And then there was a visit to the jelly candy counter. Jelly frogs and hot lips and cola bottles oh my!  There were no Mojos.  Apparently they are no longer made.  My friend wasn’t overly upset,  she found a number of consolation prizes.  

We shortly left for the drive home, all munching on our purchases.  It was a delightful evening, though we spent 5 hrs driving and 3 hrs in a popular mountain town and all we really had to show for it was an impressive candy stash!  We all had a blast though.

I am now searching out touted bakery’s and premium ice cream shops in the “general” area that may warrant another impromptu road trip.

Candy candy candy!


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