I got a boo boo today!  And not the the fun time kind either.   Dropped a dresser drawer on my big toe.  Seemed to hit a sweet spot and bent the nail back half way down the nail bed, so it looks awful and feels throbby.  Sniffle.  


Ugh! Moving day…


I am that person that is always happy to lend a hand when a friend is moving.  I have no fear of hauling boxes, loading trucks or assembling furniture.  Ironically when I am the one that is moving, it isn’t quite so much fun somehow.  I am not certain if it is the fact that I not only have to haul boxes but unpack them and find a place for the contents or the fact that instead of grunt labour I have to be the foremen.  But when it is my moving day, I swear it will be the last time.  

Well I moved today,  the transfer of items actually went smooth and quick, but now I sit staring at a sea of boxes waiting to be unpacked….I think I need a nap first.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mommas out there!  For all the boo boos you kissed,  the birthday cakes you baked and the multitudes of life’s hiccups and triumphs you helped your children navigate, I salute you.  Enjoy your day and I hope you are surrounded by those you love.

What a week!

This week flew by!  It was Tuesday then I blinked and another Monday was looming on the horizon!  Haha.

I was on Facebook the other day and I came upon this photo collection of people posing in unique counterparts with brass statues they came upon in their community.  There were some really creative ones.  The following is a favorite.  It speaks to me. I wonder why ;). Look at the smile on the statues face!