I really needed that…

Daddy visit!
I got a visit from Daddy today! With my ‘Big’ life scattered and with no shortage of stress lately, it was a MOST welcome visit and I was finally able to decompress a bit.

As with most visits with Daddy this little one is now sitting a little tender as he found it prudent to give my bottom a bit of a pep talk over my continuous battle with smoking. I have been getting much better but with the stress in my life and my history of connecting smoking with stress relief, I have not been fully successful. So after a short but torturous stint in the corner Daddy diligently roasted my poor little rump until I was a babbling and blubbering mess. I have to admit I needed every stroke. Daddy was quite proud of his marks this time and I will be bearing them for the next few Days.  

Then Daddy was more then happy to make his babygirl feel good again. Though this little one found herself reviewing some of her earlier training and found that she nearly tripped up from lack of practice. She is gonna try to make more time to focus on some of her excersizes. This little girl was mortified when she was nearly unable to take Daddy in her bottom. He was patient and kind but it was almost as if it was the first time again. I felt like a very lazy and selfish subbie. Daddy didn’t seem overly concerned though and we had some yummy, sweaty and primal playtime.

As always the time seemed to fly and too soon Daddy had to go. He might be able to visit as soon as this week again though! Yippee,hooray wow! 

Fingers crossed!


Decisions decisions…

I have been thinkin’ and I have decided that Sparks needs a friend. 1) Because I have been so busy lately, I don’t want her to get to lonely.  Sir Gris is great and all but well… I guess that brings me to number reason #2)  which is this little girl could come up with a hundred reasons for a new stuffy.  

Now the hard part is which one to get.  I personally am a big fan of the lalaloopsy brand.  They aren’t too cutesy.  It’s like that take a super super cutesy idea and inject just the right amount of Tim Burton creepy. So I am pretty set on expanding my collection.  But WHICH one???

I think I have narrowed it down to two…

I could go with the pirate cuz well everything pirate in my mind is the bees knees!  And he comes complete with a parrot.  But I have a mini jack sparrow stuffy that might not like the competition.

   Or I could go with this adorable little mime.  I think Sparks would like her lots cause she wouldn’t monopolize any conversations.  Sparks can Talk!  But I don’t want Sparks to push her around too much either.

Sigh!  What’s a ‘little’ to do?