Some Naughty Homework!

Some naughty homework!
My Daddy had given me another naughty homework assignment. It’s been a while since I have gotten any homework from Daddy, so there were some thrills, chills and blushes when I read Daddy’s instructions. I always feel more engaged with Daddy when he gives me specific instructions. More focused. I like to play for Daddy and sending him impromptu pics or stories, but when left to my own devices I flounder a bit, I get lost in what to do or how to pose and am soon overwhelmed by the details, then I avoid. That has been especially true lately because of the schedule and life crazies. I have been lacking inspiration and motivation for anything other then the basic and necessary. Life was so crazy for a while that I when I got Daddy’s assignment it was a couple of weeks ago, despite the zing of excitement I had to beg an extension as I knew I wouldn’t be able to accomplish it. So I have been sitting on it for two weeks. It has been constantly teasing me in the back of my mind. I have quivered with anticipation at some parts, blushed with embarrassment at others and worried a little over some of the boundary pushers. But now I am pretty sure I have the time to tackle my Daddy’s wicked plans for me. Wish me luck. You will be kept abreast of my progress.


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