Playing with play doh! And some other stuff…

So yesterday was my 1st day of my naughty homework week. Daddy has multiple things he expects from his little girl this week. First and most typical is I am on orgasm control. Only one orgasm a day just before bedtime which I have to film and send to Daddy. Not to bad you say? Well grateful as I am for the daily playtime, Daddy knows how ensure his little one gets worked up and needy before playtime comes. Every morning, I have to send Daddy a naughty and creative pic with a different pose each day. So first thing yesterday I found myself planning my poses and imagining the picture I presented, wondering if Daddy would like them, and realizing that I was getting hot and bothered. Then as I got ready for my day I felt conspicuous and exposed as I am to go without panties for the week. Daddy also encourages me sneak as many kitty pets and pats through out my days as I can manage.Needless to say it was a practice in discipline to remain focused and I was a pretty frustrated little girl by the time I got home. Then it was time for my little time. Daddy wants me to take a picture of my little activities and post them on my blog. I decided on play doh last night as it allowed me to work out some of my pent up frustrations as I rolled, kneaded and flattened my colourful dough in various shapes. My creative juices had abandoned me though so I embraced the sensory part of the activity and just enjoyed the gooshiness and made a lot of play doh pancakes. By the time I was ready to go to bed and play for Daddy I was a little frazzled, a little nervous yet sooooo ready.


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