Everything all at once!

So another week has gone by.  My work schedule exploded.  My personal obligations multiplied and my naughty Daddy homework suffered.  I am gonna have to do a make up list to fill in some blanks or give Daddy another full week of homework when the schedule dies down again, cause the stars were not aligned for me to complete all my tasks, and when I did have a few minutes they felt rushed and awkward, more like going through the motions and Daddy deserves better.  There was some brightness to be found and I jumped on it. Me and a couple of friends signed up for this big international  scavenger hunt thing, so for the next week we will be running around completing acts of kindness and other creative and uplifting tasks including dancing around in tutus, interpretive dance and a whole bunch of other stuff, we are first timers but already there had been laughter, warm fuzzies and strokes of pure creative genius!  Wish us luck!


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