Which would you choose?

I have to admit that while I love being Daddy’s good sweet little girl, I crave a spanking now and then (surprise!).  I also seem to crave a dose of embarrassment along with them, not nessacarally public embarrassment,  but a comment or a pose or command that has me blushing red as a fire truck.  It sends little lightening bolts to my kitty even as I may be praying for the ground beneath me to open up and swallow me whole.  Daddy can be really good at triggering my blushes, I think that is why I both luv and hate corner time.  Exposed and embarrassed.  I found some pics that registered on my blushometer in subtle yet potent ways and I ask you, if you have a taste for embarrassment which would you choose.

Naked chores after having your bottom roasted.  It’s simple and easy to accomplish but the idea of continuing your day with it’s often routine and mundane chores while displaying a spanked bottom on a state of partial or complete undress just does something to me.


Having a monogrammed or labelled punishment device.  Again. I realize simple and some may say almost novice.  But the dread and blushes you would feel when your no nonsense Daddy tells you to go and get you naughty spoon or bad girl paddle.  To know that you have a device whose sole purpose is to correct your naughty bottom.  What a blush worthy reminder.  

So what would have you more blushy?


8 thoughts on “Which would you choose?

    1. I have no doubt. I have only had naked bottom cornertime or Daddy undressing me for a punishment in one room before making me go to another for the main event. That alone has me blushing like crazy.


      1. Those subtle mind games hey? Does he watch you with that diabolically unnerving silence, or does he like to make borderline patronizing observations about your state of undress or the shade of your bottom?


  1. Being downstairs in the house naked. Having a house full of kids doesn’t allow such behaviour, however, when I request it, the action feels alien to her and uncomfortable. Having said that, my sub said she was now getting quite used to it, as long as it’s warm! Sounds like i need a spoon!

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