A little tender

So, I have been so busy lately.  I haven’t had much time for my bottom hole training. Blush.  I guess I haven’t really been making time for it either.  I know Daddy likes to take me in the bottom and when he does I feel so proud when I can accept him and it brings my level of submission sky high.  But when it comes to maintaining my flexibility in that area, it fills me with blushes and embarrassment and suddenly 100 other things need to be done before I can find the time.

Well last week, after another long wait between visits, me and Daddy were able to get together for the quickest of all quickies.  I do so love our quickies, and it eased my needy ache somewhat but it was over way too soon.  But Daddy covered all of the bases with a bit of embarrassment, a touch of teasing and splash spanking.  I was putty in his hands and eagerly fell into his arms like a horny teenager.   At one point however as Daddy had my head in his lap as I eagerly suckled his cock and his fingers explored my naughty bits,  as he whispered kinky words  that had me blushing. Suddenly he asked me how my bottom hole training was going.  My movements stuttered and I lost my rythmn as my stomach fell.  Why did I think Daddy would have forgotten about one of his favourite holes?  Why didn’t I find more time?  I knew that if Daddy chose to take me back there in that moment that it would hurt, if I would be able to take him at all.  Daddy could tell by my physical reaction to the question that I had once again been remiss,  and seemed to read my mind as he voiced my fears with the threat of taking me there despite the discomfort from lack of use.  Suggesting that that would be an apt reminder to remember my training in the future.  I shivered with apprehension and doubled my efforts with my mouth on his cock as a silent apology. He continued to scold me which had my cheeks red with shame, but thankfully did not follow through with his threat which had me both grateful and bereft.  I felt like I had failed him and in that moment and made myself a promise to be more diligent in the future.

So for the past week I have been training daily.  I had to start at square one with my smallest plug and it wasn’t until day three that I was able to reintroduce my inflatable.  That took me a good 10 mins to slowly work it in with that gaspy moment of truth when the widest part finally breached my hole with that sensation that blurred between pain and pleasure.  Once it was seated after a moment of adjustment I gave it three full pumps and it actually felt comforting to be filled.  I kept it in for 30 mins.  The next day I was a little tender and very aware of my bottom even in its empty state.  For the next three days I used the inflatable pumping it a little bigger and leaving it a little longer.  I was proud of my progress.  Tonight, I was just too sore.  I had to down grade to my smaller option again and even that felt huge and made me ache.  I think I was a little overly enthusiastic, and maybe moved to fast or is it just standard discomfort that I have to ride out?  Does anyone have any tips for this stage?  I don’t want to cop out, but I don’t wanna damage either.


2 thoughts on “A little tender

  1. I have two sets of plugs just for this, because goodness knows between work and my home routine, a lot of my training gets neglected. (I know excuses are no excuse.) But when it does get to that point, I use the flexible plugs and start with the smallest of the two, when I can take the largest one comfortably, then I’ll start working with the metal ones. I want to eventually buy more sizes in both so I can easily take Daddy without so much pain, again time and other factors are an issue atm. But I do know that I need to get back into training daily again….


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