Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas everyone!  I hope you all have a spicy, happy and safe holiday!  All the best!



The weather outside is frightful.  And I have spent my first weekend off in ages, huddled in bed fighting off a bug of some sort.  Just woke up a few minutes ago and realized the weekend had floated by.  Humph.  

Craft of the day

So, a friend and I decided to try that arm knitting thing.  There was this tutorial on how to knit a nice chunky blanket in 45 mins.  So we got our yarn, we popped in out holiday movie of choice (Love Actually) and set to arm knitting.  4 hrs and 42 mins later we had our finished products.   A little longer then expected, the weave almost resemble that of a net but we can proudly say we arm knitted out very own chunky blankets.  Haha!  A hard core crafter would probably call this venture an epic fail.  But with the amount of laughing the two of us did I would never say the time was wasted.  Good evening all in all.  I can’t wait to show Daddy my latest project.  Tee hee!  After all he has to say its perfect right?