Daddy homework

So my cheeks are fire engine red right now, cause Daddy gave me one of his naughty blush making assignments. The first part of which is included in this post.  First Daddy gave me a friendly reminder to thank all of you who have viewed, followed and commented on my blog.  I am always thinking it but often forget to say it.  Daddy enjoys it when there are witnesses to some of our playtime antics as he knows it makes me blush redder then a tomato.  Despite the blushes I get a little tingly so I guess I like it a bit too, but don’t tell Daddy.  

He wants to be in complete control this week so…..humph I am on orgasm denial with a fair bit of teasing thrown in.  He has also denied me my panties for the week, which always makes me a little self conscious and exposed and ever so aware of my state of arousal.

Those are the constants through out the week, along with a midday “bathroom break” aka teasing session. Can’t have me not needy at any part of the day (pout). And every night this week I also have to spend 15 mins in the corner. State of dress naked, accessories my inflatable plug, chopsticks for my nips, and my paci to help me feel little and controlled.  I have to spend 15 mins with my nose down in the corner and my bottom in the air and I have to tease myself and think/talk about all the naughty things Daddy wants me to do and how it makes me feel.   Then I get to go to bed unfulfilled (foot stomp). Mean ol’ Daddy.

Tonight I had the added assignment of doing a photo shoot of my 5 positions sans clothing and with my plug and chopsticks. After a day of denial and teasing it was dangerous inserting the plug because this act of submission always makes libido skyrocket and being on edge the insertion alone nearly had me breaking the cardinal rule.  I resisted but the way my hips started rolling and bucking was completely instinctual and impossible to control.  Soon blushes took over as I assumed my positions, the hose from the inflatable plug swaying as I changed position.  My tender nips getting pinched and tweaked as I moved. The are super stingy and I still have my corner time to do.  But all said and done Daddy’s wicked ideas were effective as there were many blushes, and my kitty is sopping wet. Is it Monday yet?

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Position 5


2 thoughts on “Daddy homework

  1. Such a good girl! I hope you get lots of views and everyone sees what an obedient and well behaved little princess you are! Maybe next time, your Daddy will have you do some close up pictures with no plug so everyone can see you presenting your bottom hole and your little, wet, pink kitty. I wonder if your readers would be interested in that? Maybe have you reach back in Position 2 to spread open your bouncy bottom cheeks and maybe have another pic in Position 3 with your legs open and using your fingers to open up your kitty lips so everyone can see how wet you are…

    Daddy is very proud of his blushy little button!


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