Bit of yearning….

I think I need one. 


January brain can leave any time.

The hustle and bustle of the December holiday season usually has me so exhausted I am running on autopilot for the next month.  I call it January brain and it isn’t capable of much more then the most basic tasks.  This year it seems to be hanging on longer then usual.  It only just dawned on me that the world has welcomed February. Sigh.  It is time to catch up.  I was looking through some pics and found some lovely valentines gift ideas 

For her

They obviously remind me of those little sweetheart candies tee hee. But in my opinion would be “yummier”

For him

If I know my Daddy at all their would be nothing he would like better then to have his little one plugged and on display waiting for him.  The ties… he had asked me a while back to think about how I might be willing to explore my limits.  I have always been intrigued by restraints but a little nervous to give up that amount of control.  Might be willing to test that boundary this year.