How my brain connects dots

So today I went to yoga after work.  Itwas a hot yoga called yin.  90 mins of assuming maybe 5 yoga strenuous yoga poses and holding them for a mind numbingly long length of time.  Not my favourite type of yoga, my brain is too busy and I just sit in the pose thinking I want to move!  Is it time to move!  Had she forgotten about us? I need to move!  Or in the more difficult poses. Ow! Ow! Ow! Owie! Ow.  But it is really good for the flexibility and so I for the second time a decided to grumble through it.  

So here I am in a dim, hot and quiet room trying to focus on my breath as I hold one pose while looking forward to and dreading the next transition.  Then she directs us into the bleeding heart pose.  And my blushes start as she instructs us into the proper positioning and I find myself in a slightly extreme version of what Daddy would call position two.  On my knees, chest dropped to the ground, back arched and my bottom  in the air.  For once I was grateful for the dim lighting as my blush exploded on my face.  Now I am in position my brain has taken a sharp turn into the naughty and I am stuck there feeling decidedly exposed for what seemed like forever.  I had to bite back nervous giggles as my brain starting matching other poses with Daddy’s naughty ones as the instructor calmly walked around the room pausing by one of us periodically. Needless to say I was not focused on my breath this class.


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