Fingers crossed!

So….I have really been feeling the long distance in the long distance relationship Daddy and I share lately.  Busy schedules, missed opportunities to meet, and hurried and harried messaging to fill in the long blanks in between.  My logical big gets it, my ‘little’ is pretty darn pouty. Little doubts creep in like is Daddy just getting bored, are our schedules ever gonna sync, you know where the mind can wander.  For my part, I fall into the old habit of clamming up.  So I of course haven’t really expressed my insecurities to Daddy.  I don’t want to be a bother.  I think my biggest problem at the moment is lack of tangible Daddy.  I can be a lot more natural and spontaneous when I meet with Daddy in the flesh.  Well it looks like it might finally be happening in the next coming week or so.  I have fingers and toes and everything else that can crossed crossed!  I know I will probably spend some time over Daddy’s knee getting my bottom paddled.  But I think I am gonna talk him into buying his little girl ice cream after. Daddy has also mentioned that my little bummy hole may need some Daddy attention, I can’t wait to show him my progress with my training.  I have been extra diligent since I found out about his upcoming visit. Fingers crossed!!!!!!


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