So it sounds like I do get to see Daddy later this week.  Yay!  I have to remember the yay part cause I am excited to see him.  But he has given me some stuff to think and dread about ’cause…well my bottom has a bit of a reckoning to face.  When faced with the opportunity to report any demerits as it were, I was a good little girl and was up front with Daddy, my poor bottom has paid the price for NOT being forthright, Daddy always seems to known anyway and then it’s very hard to sit for a while.  So I admitted that my schedule got busy and I wasn’t always the most punctual with my weekly journal entries.  Problem with that little revelation…it’s a repeat offence.  That is never good news for my bottom.  Despite that it seems to be my hardest rule to keep and Daddy’s take is that the last reminder just wasn’t memorable enough.  So he has given me the information that I have a very nasty session with the belt (I absolutely hate the belt, nothing fun or playful about it).  And I get to spend the preamble before his visit stewing over my I upcoming punishment.  Stew and worry then stew some more.  I know Daddy’s right and I know I want to be held accountable,  I just wish that I hadn’t earned myself a punishment every time we meet.  Sigh, maybe if we could get together more often I’d be able to stay out of trouble during the in between and we could spend more time with the funishment type spanking.  I have to admit I look forward to a red bottom when we meet just not a tanned hide.  What is this poor little Spanko to do?


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