So I got to meet up with Daddy the last week!  Yay!  It was great to see him.  But I had some atonements to make and Daddy followed through on his promises and after a brief shopping trip for a couple of blushy items AND some new bubble blowers and a pretty sundress covered in pineapples and….I digress.  We took a little drive deep into the country.  It was actually a long drive, it’s so hard to find a little pocket of nowhere nowadays.  Daddy likes to spank me out in the open because it makes me fidget and blush like crazy.  But, my paranoid nature has me listening for cars and it can distract me from the business at hand.  Daddy has ways of keeping his little one distracted during the drive if you know what I mean nudge nudge wink wink say no more.  So we finally found out little piece of solitude and Daddy wasted no time in baring my bottom and having me start thinking of what I had done (or didn’t do) and what was to come as he set things up.  My sin as I have mentioned being my time management (missed journal posts) and lack of communication.  Basically Daddy is pretty understanding, he realizes life gets busy and I may not always get time to post, but all he asks is I communicate and tell him I am busy and don’t have time to post or may be late.  I have a tendency to feel bad and do the ostrich head in the sand method and hope he doesn’t notice.  So the spanking was more for my lack of open communication.  So when Daddy finished setting up we had a little chat then he promptly and completely spanked my bottom with his hand and two implements. The nasty hairbrush followed by the belt.  I was a blubbering mess after the hairbrush, the belt felt like fire and for a couple of strokes that hit those sensitive sweet spots I actually thought I would spontaneously combust and actually die.  In no way would I ever mistake the belt as an item for play.  There is nothing fun or playful about it.  And the residual effect?  This little girl was sitting gingerly or days after.  I promised to do better and communicate more and to solve world hunger and a number of other things.  Then it was over.  I survived and Daddy gave me cuddles and kisses and motioned up my abused and welted bottom and proceeded to make his little one feel better in his wicked Daddy ways.  But boy will I remember to avoid the belt and remember this rule.


8 thoughts on “Belt…yuck!

      1. 😢 anxiety can pull a number on you. That’s why I seem to gravitate to physical accountability, issues I obsess over and revisit, are dealt with in a tangible matter and afterward it is easier to let go.


  1. naughtynora00

    Sounds like you needed a good spanking, little4ever! Glad you got to see your Daddy…and that we got to read about it 🙂 Hoping you got some tender after care after your session with the hairbrush and the belt, both dreaded implements on my part.

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    1. Thanks! Both of those implements are firmly placed on my ‘dreaded’ list as well. I am lucky though Daddy turns into a teddy bear right after and I know in more ways in one it is all over. Then I am proud as a peacock that I took it. Not gracefully but I took it.

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      1. naughtynora00

        I feel like that sometimes too…especially if I was a really good girl and didn’t wiggle much. I have been really focusing on that lately as it pleases my Daddy for me to lie still for my spankings.


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