The teary eyes

The handprints

The dripping princess parts



Nearly there….not quite.

I have never had a good relationship with Mondays.  They have been my grumpy days.  Lately I have been trying to turn that around and start the week on a positive note.  The above picture sums up how far I got with that positive mentality today.  Got a bit of work to do on that goal apparently.

This is such a ‘little’ thing to do…

Don’t worry I didn’t actually do this. But I can certainly see a ‘little’with an impulsive need for sugar starting a batch of brownies then cuddling up in a blankie and dozing off.  I can also imagine a stern Daddy saving the house from going aflame and taking same said ‘little’ over his lap for a firm and ouchie lesson in safety.  Yup, that’s where my mind went. 😉