Beach Day!

Went to the beach the other day (for work even!  Luv my job).  It was soooooo windy and overcast that swimming unfortunately was cut out as an option. And not really sunbathing weather either.  I however came prepared with my handy dandy sand sculpting/play kit.  Initially others were supposed to be distracted and I was intending to focus on my art and not have to share, but in the end it was a life or boredom saver for the few of us die hards who were invested in salvaging a perfectly good beach opportunity.  While a good chunk of the group gave up and huddled in the bus, 3 of us began making a medievil inspired castle complete with wall, moat and draw bridge. There waaaaas gonna be out Buildings, a landscaped courtyard and some adjustments and repairs to the moat but the time was taken away from us as the majority ruled and our beach date was prematurely ended. Not my- I mean our best work, but it was fun even if I had to collaborate instead of letting my muse take hold. It still counted as an enjoyable beach day!


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