Goin’ Camping

Well, it’s been a crazy couple weeks, once I finished my fun scavenger hunt, I completed two mud runs in one weekend phew. Now it’s time to hit the mountains and get some camping in. This time tomorrow my brain will be officially shut off. Just good food, some of my favourite peeps, some happy juice and an up for anything attitude.

Busy week!

This has been and will continue to be a busy, silly, and super fun week. Signed up for a international scavenger hunt.  So far I have dressed like a chicken to safely escort people across the street. Am designing a wedding dress out of recycled office paper and danced with a parrot.  Much more to complete and I am giggling the whole way.  My ‘little’ had taken full reign.  

Well…it’s sorta progress.

Well a while back I posted how I was a major sufferer of the Mondays. I was trying to turn that around, by being positive and looking in the bright side.  Yesterday it worked, woke up bright eyed and tackled the day with energy and vigor.  It felt great.  This morning however i woke up and I could have sworn it was my usual typical Monday.  So…is that progress or do I really just need that one day a week to grump and moan?  Bottom line it was really hard to adult today.