Something I’d do


Riddle time!

What is loads of fun, makes you feel like a kid and makes your bottom look like this….



I have been mopey about the weather, missing my Daddy and just having a ho hum time.

The perfect therapy just happened to be getting together with friends for an afternoon of sledding fun. Trekking up the hill and flying down on tubes and discs, hitting hidden jumps and catching air. The hours flew by and the entire time I felt like I was in 5 year old heaven. Hot Chocolate breaks, fire cooked hotdogs. Bliss. Then afterwards when my poor body reminded me that I was not in fact 5 years old anymore, a reminiscence of a different kind when my poor bruised bottom felt like it had face a nasty round with the paddle. I will be sitting gingerly for the next couple of days and though it isn’t for the usual reasons, it still brings a blush to my cheeks and a secret smile to my lips. In times of Daddy absence it makes for some good little therapy!

And just when I thought it was ending….

Got another impressive dump of snow.Honestly, it is fairly typical weather in this neck of the woods, but my logical mind is losing to my emotional one, so all I can say is, “I AM SO OVER WINTER!” I mean this last batch is powdery and fine, not even good snowman making product but the perfect consistency to polish up the roads.

I think I will take a nap until Spring hits.

Persephone and Hades…

I was trolling through the web looking at Tattoo ideas. I absolutely love tattoos, and currently have two small decals that I love but are sadly poorly placed. It is my intention to get a full back piece, but with a commitment like that I want to be 110% sure of the concept.

So I search images, jot ideas, and throw some interesting searches through google. I KNOW i am gonna do a Greek mythology theme. Because I am a nerd for Greek mythology and it can be portrayed in so many attractive styles.

So I was searching some of my favorite goddesses and this image pops up for Persephone. I am a little obsessed with the Hades/Persephone myth and all of its interpretations. Is it a tragic tale of kidnapping, trickery and entrapment or an enduring love story with a few unorthodox twists and turns? Honestly with my personalized set of perviness, both angles tend to get my motor running, though romantic in me tends to prefer the love story.

The. I was turning it around in my brain and I kinda realized these two mythological characters may well be the first representation of a Ddlg relationship. No wonder i hold such an affinity with them. 😜


I have been in hyper control in my Big life. Setting (and achieving)lots of goals, following lots of regimens and basically scheduling every waking minute of the day. It has been productive and satisfying in many ways but the flip side is despite the successes I just want a weekend, a day, even an hour where I give up that control. I need Daddy to appear, take me, tie me up and I don’t have to ‘DO’ or Decide I just have to receive and accept. Ready to drop the reigns for a bit.