As I am a newbie when it comes to practical ageplay,  I have never been subject to rules in this context. I am aware of Daddy’s and their little girls coming up with rules to solidify their own unique dynamic and parts of me crave the structure of it.  The expectations clearly defined and the promise of consequences if a naughty little srrays from the path.For me though it seems to be one of those areas where I experience a bit of conflict and my ‘big’ self starts to reappear. So far this rebellious reaction has only reared its head during my reading and exploring the topic, as I so far have only a few rules that I have to follow and they are fairly easy for me to comply with, though I have earned myself a couple of bottom warnings for some slip ups :/ .  I am sure as Daddy and I move forward, the list of rules will grow and hopefully the rules to be added will be embraced by my ‘little’ self and my ‘big’ will remain quiet content in the knowledge that  I may not like a rule but that I trust Daddy to do what is best for his little girl.

This far this is my list of rules as short as it may be:

1. No smoking (this is something that I actually asked Daddy to help me with, I have tried quitting before and had started cheating, cheating ultimately turned into not quitting.  Now a cheat results in a bare bottomed spanking and a yucky mouth soaping.  I already recieved a punishment for this and that was a very good incentive to stay quit!)

2. This little girl has to ask for permission to cum and once permission is granted she has to announce her coming.  If Daddy is not around she still had to do this though permission is implied unless Daddy had given her a denial assignment.

3. This little one will complete all assignments given both by Daddy and in ‘Big’ life on time.  ( I am a bit of a procrastinator)

4. This little one will keep an online journal, where she can post rules, assignments, punishments, or general feelings about the lifestyle.  It is to be updated no less then 2 times per week.

5. This little one (blush) has to announce when she has to potty and when she on the potty she had to announce she is peeing.  ( this is my newest rule, and still has me blushing, I only have to do this when with Daddy or when I can be insured privacy but it is hard to speak above a whisper.)

These are my rules currently.  As I say it is early days yet and I have no doubt the list will grow.  As Daddy and I both have busy schedules and don’t get lots of together time.  My rules are on the honour system.  If I make an infraction I have to tell Daddy.  If Daddy asks me and I haven’t confessed it on my own, I get an extra punishment for not being forthcoming.  I thought the honour system would be easy to subvert, the whole tree falling in the forest concept, boy was I wrong.  When Daddy asked me over text how my quitting smoking was coming along and I had had a cheat, I blushed and my  bottom tingled at the idea of a spanking but despite my panic I admitted my transgression to Daddy even though I knew what I would get as well as knew I COULD have lied and he wouldn’t have known.  I just couldn’t lie to Daddy.