Role reversal

So I have been pondering about this for a while, because it was a completely new situation for me and it took me a while to fully decipher my reactions and emotions about it.  

About a month ago, I got together with Daddy, but this time I got to play Mommy.  My Daddy is a bit of a switch.  Definitely leans towards the Dominant most of the time, but had told me that he dabbled in being a ‘little’ himself before we met.  Up until our last get together he has always been Daddy in our relationship and I have always been his ‘little’ princess.  

Over the last few months though he had been mentioning his hankering to bring his ‘little’ guy out to play.  I can totally understand the need to release the ‘little’ even more then once and a while and I am always looking for an opportunity to please Daddy, but i have to admit I stalled when it came to making this particular scenario happen.  The reason?  Nerves!  I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of Mommy I would make.  In my Big life I am a natural caregiver and nurturing, but when if comes to channeling my inner disciplinarian and administering my first spanking, I was afraid I would fall short.

At the same time I was curious.  That is also in my nature, I try to live my life through empathy so I like to learn and experience new things so increase my understanding of all angles of life.  So I spent weeks with some pretty major yoyo emotions.  Should I? Shouldn’t I!  Will this change things? Will Daddy look at me different? If it  ain’t broke don’t fix it?  Finally I decided and I committed and it was agreed that the next time we came together I would be Mommy and he was gonna be my little boy getting a well deserved spanking.  His sin was distracted driving (that made my dicision a little easier).  

So, I drove him out to a little secret pocket of nowhere, giving him some scoldings to ponder during the drive.  I have to admit he makes an adorable nervous little.  When we reached our destination, I wasted little time in exposing his backside and putting him in the corner to reflect on the coming punishment while I garnered my courage.  Then the moment of truth came and I had him settled over my lap and things sort of fell into place, the spanks came naturally and the scolding seemed to flow out of my mouth like a Dominatrix had taken over my body.  I guess experiencing the flip side as often as I have and know my personal triggers and hotspots I was able to apply that in bringing out his own.  There was a slight moment of doubt where I asked him if he needed to safe word.  He later admitted that he had been right on the edge of safe wording so my instincts had been close.

The experience was definitely eye opening and I have to admit to a few thrills at the empowering position.  That being said, it solidified my preference of being in the ‘sub’, little’ role.  I prefer giving up control and letting Daddy lead me through a scene or punishment.  But I have a new respect for the care and attention Daddy takes to creating the atmosphere.  The role of the Dominant is more responsibilty then I thought.  I may Dabble every once and a while if Daddy needs a day to decompress again.

Tee hee!  My favorite part I have to admit was after we went for the Ice cream Daddy owed me and then Daddy decided we needed to take a little drive in our usual roles.  He was quite fervent innreasserting his dominance.  And like that Daddy was back! Yum.



So I got to meet up with Daddy the last week!  Yay!  It was great to see him.  But I had some atonements to make and Daddy followed through on his promises and after a brief shopping trip for a couple of blushy items AND some new bubble blowers and a pretty sundress covered in pineapples and….I digress.  We took a little drive deep into the country.  It was actually a long drive, it’s so hard to find a little pocket of nowhere nowadays.  Daddy likes to spank me out in the open because it makes me fidget and blush like crazy.  But, my paranoid nature has me listening for cars and it can distract me from the business at hand.  Daddy has ways of keeping his little one distracted during the drive if you know what I mean nudge nudge wink wink say no more.  So we finally found out little piece of solitude and Daddy wasted no time in baring my bottom and having me start thinking of what I had done (or didn’t do) and what was to come as he set things up.  My sin as I have mentioned being my time management (missed journal posts) and lack of communication.  Basically Daddy is pretty understanding, he realizes life gets busy and I may not always get time to post, but all he asks is I communicate and tell him I am busy and don’t have time to post or may be late.  I have a tendency to feel bad and do the ostrich head in the sand method and hope he doesn’t notice.  So the spanking was more for my lack of open communication.  So when Daddy finished setting up we had a little chat then he promptly and completely spanked my bottom with his hand and two implements. The nasty hairbrush followed by the belt.  I was a blubbering mess after the hairbrush, the belt felt like fire and for a couple of strokes that hit those sensitive sweet spots I actually thought I would spontaneously combust and actually die.  In no way would I ever mistake the belt as an item for play.  There is nothing fun or playful about it.  And the residual effect?  This little girl was sitting gingerly or days after.  I promised to do better and communicate more and to solve world hunger and a number of other things.  Then it was over.  I survived and Daddy gave me cuddles and kisses and motioned up my abused and welted bottom and proceeded to make his little one feel better in his wicked Daddy ways.  But boy will I remember to avoid the belt and remember this rule.


So it sounds like I do get to see Daddy later this week.  Yay!  I have to remember the yay part cause I am excited to see him.  But he has given me some stuff to think and dread about ’cause…well my bottom has a bit of a reckoning to face.  When faced with the opportunity to report any demerits as it were, I was a good little girl and was up front with Daddy, my poor bottom has paid the price for NOT being forthright, Daddy always seems to known anyway and then it’s very hard to sit for a while.  So I admitted that my schedule got busy and I wasn’t always the most punctual with my weekly journal entries.  Problem with that little revelation…it’s a repeat offence.  That is never good news for my bottom.  Despite that it seems to be my hardest rule to keep and Daddy’s take is that the last reminder just wasn’t memorable enough.  So he has given me the information that I have a very nasty session with the belt (I absolutely hate the belt, nothing fun or playful about it).  And I get to spend the preamble before his visit stewing over my I upcoming punishment.  Stew and worry then stew some more.  I know Daddy’s right and I know I want to be held accountable,  I just wish that I hadn’t earned myself a punishment every time we meet.  Sigh, maybe if we could get together more often I’d be able to stay out of trouble during the in between and we could spend more time with the funishment type spanking.  I have to admit I look forward to a red bottom when we meet just not a tanned hide.  What is this poor little Spanko to do?

I am a wriggler

I identify with this picture. When Daddy spanks me it is almost always a guarantee that I will spend some time OTK.  It is very much instinctual that within a few smacks that I start kicking and wriggling and bucking.  I grab Daddy’s leg and try to push myself up or pull myself off.  I really don’t know how Daddy can concentrate because I definitely make myself a moving target. 

Daddy homework

So my cheeks are fire engine red right now, cause Daddy gave me one of his naughty blush making assignments. The first part of which is included in this post.  First Daddy gave me a friendly reminder to thank all of you who have viewed, followed and commented on my blog.  I am always thinking it but often forget to say it.  Daddy enjoys it when there are witnesses to some of our playtime antics as he knows it makes me blush redder then a tomato.  Despite the blushes I get a little tingly so I guess I like it a bit too, but don’t tell Daddy.  

He wants to be in complete control this week so…..humph I am on orgasm denial with a fair bit of teasing thrown in.  He has also denied me my panties for the week, which always makes me a little self conscious and exposed and ever so aware of my state of arousal.

Those are the constants through out the week, along with a midday “bathroom break” aka teasing session. Can’t have me not needy at any part of the day (pout). And every night this week I also have to spend 15 mins in the corner. State of dress naked, accessories my inflatable plug, chopsticks for my nips, and my paci to help me feel little and controlled.  I have to spend 15 mins with my nose down in the corner and my bottom in the air and I have to tease myself and think/talk about all the naughty things Daddy wants me to do and how it makes me feel.   Then I get to go to bed unfulfilled (foot stomp). Mean ol’ Daddy.

Tonight I had the added assignment of doing a photo shoot of my 5 positions sans clothing and with my plug and chopsticks. After a day of denial and teasing it was dangerous inserting the plug because this act of submission always makes libido skyrocket and being on edge the insertion alone nearly had me breaking the cardinal rule.  I resisted but the way my hips started rolling and bucking was completely instinctual and impossible to control.  Soon blushes took over as I assumed my positions, the hose from the inflatable plug swaying as I changed position.  My tender nips getting pinched and tweaked as I moved. The are super stingy and I still have my corner time to do.  But all said and done Daddy’s wicked ideas were effective as there were many blushes, and my kitty is sopping wet. Is it Monday yet?

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Position 5