Reading, writing & reviews.

So, I just finished rereading one of the first DD/lg novels I ever bought.  Daddy’s Girl by Darla Phelps.  I really reccomend this book for anyone who likes a good amount of romance in their ageplay novels.  I read it when I was first exploring the dynamic and therefore was both thrilled and comforted to read a storyline of a fledging ‘little’ exploring a new relationship with her first Daddy.  I was easily able to identify with the emotions the characters portrayed and it had just as many awe moments as it did steamy spanking scenes.  Darla Phelps had a knack for creating (in my opinion) the perfect Daddy character with the right amount of nurturing, sense of humour and no nonsense I am the boss persona.  The ‘little’ girl riddled with insecurities blossoms in under his attention and care.  I personally like a healthy amount of nurturing within the dynamic so my heart was a flutter with every turn of the page.  Darla Phelps has also written some other noteworthy books

DeAkeny’s Bride- another ageplay novel, but set in historical times.  It was as well a good read with a Strong and stern Daddy and a no nonsense Nanny.  A bit more of a non con.  With the lifestyle being thrust upon the protagonist as apposed to a curious souls looking to experiment. Fills a darker more secret need of mine that pops up the odd time.

And Pets

This is actually two books that tell the same story.  One from the Tops point of view and one from the bottoms.  Again more of a noncon turned to ❤️.  This story crosses the universe and finds a human girl waking up on another planet where humans are kept as pampered and heavily disciplined pets of the Reigning society.  Again Darla Phelps paints a well constructed picture of the relationship developement and characters but again a little darker and had my little huffing with indignation at some of the(in my opinion) unwarranted spankings.  Did not stop me from reading though.  

In conclusion, Darla Phelps is definitely an author worth taking a chance on if your interest lies in the ageplay or spanking category with a bit of med fet thrown in.  She creates a world you can immerse yourself in.

Happy reading! I am always happy for book reccomendations as well.


In full pout mode

It had been a busy couple weeks, I been busy and Daddy has been busy, so we haven’t been in touch in forever.  My ‘little’ has won the battle and I am in full on pout mode with this developement.  Frankly, I don’t care if work is crazy and Daddy maybe in a no service zone.  My evil pouting fairy persona is in control and I am thinking naughty thoughts, consequences be darned!  I WANT DADDY TIME!


I am not sure if it is the transition from summer crazies to a more ‘stabilized’ (hear the irony) schedule, Or the attempt to play catch up, OR the fact that everyone I know seems to need something from me but I am feeling completely overwhelmed.   Needing a stress relief…something. Entering grumpy meltdown faze level 4.  

Role reversal

So I have been pondering about this for a while, because it was a completely new situation for me and it took me a while to fully decipher my reactions and emotions about it.  

About a month ago, I got together with Daddy, but this time I got to play Mommy.  My Daddy is a bit of a switch.  Definitely leans towards the Dominant most of the time, but had told me that he dabbled in being a ‘little’ himself before we met.  Up until our last get together he has always been Daddy in our relationship and I have always been his ‘little’ princess.  

Over the last few months though he had been mentioning his hankering to bring his ‘little’ guy out to play.  I can totally understand the need to release the ‘little’ even more then once and a while and I am always looking for an opportunity to please Daddy, but i have to admit I stalled when it came to making this particular scenario happen.  The reason?  Nerves!  I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of Mommy I would make.  In my Big life I am a natural caregiver and nurturing, but when if comes to channeling my inner disciplinarian and administering my first spanking, I was afraid I would fall short.

At the same time I was curious.  That is also in my nature, I try to live my life through empathy so I like to learn and experience new things so increase my understanding of all angles of life.  So I spent weeks with some pretty major yoyo emotions.  Should I? Shouldn’t I!  Will this change things? Will Daddy look at me different? If it  ain’t broke don’t fix it?  Finally I decided and I committed and it was agreed that the next time we came together I would be Mommy and he was gonna be my little boy getting a well deserved spanking.  His sin was distracted driving (that made my dicision a little easier).  

So, I drove him out to a little secret pocket of nowhere, giving him some scoldings to ponder during the drive.  I have to admit he makes an adorable nervous little.  When we reached our destination, I wasted little time in exposing his backside and putting him in the corner to reflect on the coming punishment while I garnered my courage.  Then the moment of truth came and I had him settled over my lap and things sort of fell into place, the spanks came naturally and the scolding seemed to flow out of my mouth like a Dominatrix had taken over my body.  I guess experiencing the flip side as often as I have and know my personal triggers and hotspots I was able to apply that in bringing out his own.  There was a slight moment of doubt where I asked him if he needed to safe word.  He later admitted that he had been right on the edge of safe wording so my instincts had been close.

The experience was definitely eye opening and I have to admit to a few thrills at the empowering position.  That being said, it solidified my preference of being in the ‘sub’, little’ role.  I prefer giving up control and letting Daddy lead me through a scene or punishment.  But I have a new respect for the care and attention Daddy takes to creating the atmosphere.  The role of the Dominant is more responsibilty then I thought.  I may Dabble every once and a while if Daddy needs a day to decompress again.

Tee hee!  My favorite part I have to admit was after we went for the Ice cream Daddy owed me and then Daddy decided we needed to take a little drive in our usual roles.  He was quite fervent innreasserting his dominance.  And like that Daddy was back! Yum.

Goin’ Camping

Well, it’s been a crazy couple weeks, once I finished my fun scavenger hunt, I completed two mud runs in one weekend phew. Now it’s time to hit the mountains and get some camping in. This time tomorrow my brain will be officially shut off. Just good food, some of my favourite peeps, some happy juice and an up for anything attitude.

Busy week!

This has been and will continue to be a busy, silly, and super fun week. Signed up for a international scavenger hunt.  So far I have dressed like a chicken to safely escort people across the street. Am designing a wedding dress out of recycled office paper and danced with a parrot.  Much more to complete and I am giggling the whole way.  My ‘little’ had taken full reign.  

Well…it’s sorta progress.

Well a while back I posted how I was a major sufferer of the Mondays. I was trying to turn that around, by being positive and looking in the bright side.  Yesterday it worked, woke up bright eyed and tackled the day with energy and vigor.  It felt great.  This morning however i woke up and I could have sworn it was my usual typical Monday.  So…is that progress or do I really just need that one day a week to grump and moan?  Bottom line it was really hard to adult today.

Beach Day!

Went to the beach the other day (for work even!  Luv my job).  It was soooooo windy and overcast that swimming unfortunately was cut out as an option. And not really sunbathing weather either.  I however came prepared with my handy dandy sand sculpting/play kit.  Initially others were supposed to be distracted and I was intending to focus on my art and not have to share, but in the end it was a life or boredom saver for the few of us die hards who were invested in salvaging a perfectly good beach opportunity.  While a good chunk of the group gave up and huddled in the bus, 3 of us began making a medievil inspired castle complete with wall, moat and draw bridge. There waaaaas gonna be out Buildings, a landscaped courtyard and some adjustments and repairs to the moat but the time was taken away from us as the majority ruled and our beach date was prematurely ended. Not my- I mean our best work, but it was fun even if I had to collaborate instead of letting my muse take hold. It still counted as an enjoyable beach day!


If there is any time you can be a kid again it’s when the local fair comes to town.  Well that time of year has come for me and I couldn’t be more excited!  On the agenda?   Cotton candy? Of course? Ride? Indubitably! Winning a fuzzy stuffed animal? Probably not, cause Daddy can’t make it!  Poor Daddy has to work and miss the fun. I did promise him a pic from the top of the Ferris wheel though.  Mainly my agenda is fly by the seat of my pants and have fun!