So it’s been a really busy couple of months. Who am I kidding, I always seem to be busy. Alas this another long busy time for Daddy too and we have had no chances to see each other. So to comfort myself in Daddy’s absence I am trying to look at the bright side. The above picture became both funny and true hahahaha. Then things got out of control and something had to be done.



Feeling off this week, not bad per say, not good. More flighty. Can’t focus, nothing holds my interest long. Just blaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

Pretty in Pink

K, so been struggling with getting some ‘Me’ time this month, opportunities for ‘little’ time are non existent.

So Imagine my shock when I sit down on the couch and realize, I have a couple of hours with nothing to do!

Never one to miss an opportunity, I wasted no time Out came the nail polish, feet got a soak and I finally got to see the live action Beauty and the Beast as I painted my fingers and toes a perfectly, pastel pink!

What a difference a couple hours can make.

Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year all! Typical season for me so far. Christmas and all the fixin’s surrounding it exhausts me to the point that I am passed out by 10pm on New Years Eve ringing in the New Year to the sound of my zzzzz’s. Then January is passed in a bit of an auto pilot haze. Me and transitions are not the most compatible. Haha. I am excited about this New Year. Set a couple of goals, added a couple new hobbies.




Currently in deep freeze conditions. The cold is both unpleasant and inconvenient. Definitely makes something as mundane as getting to work seem like a Herculean task. Want nothing more then to cuddle up in a blanket with some hot chocolate and catch up on some cartoons. But ….into the breach! Brrrrrrrr!

Crazy Christmas crafting.

So I didn’t get around to the needle point project…,yet (hee hee). But I have been going a little crazy with the Christmas crafting. It’s very similar to shopping actually you make a list and then in the middle of the hula baloo another name pops up and another. It was fun! Hectic but fun and my house looks like a art shop war zone but I hope all my peeps like their little gift from the heart. I especially had fun with the crayon art. Guess that’s the little in me. Still working on a gift for Daddy. Was thinking of a naughty 12 days of Xmas photo compilation but I am two days late starting. So much to do, so much to do. 😜

Craft idea

I always get crafty at Xmas. I kinda got overwhelmed by the commercialism of it all a few years back, hermitted for a year in retaliation. I missed Christmas though. Always such fond memories from my childhood. So to get back in the spirit I would plug in the carols, turn on the tree and huddle over some crafty presents. As I was looking for some ideas for friends and family, my naughty brain turned down a shadowy alley and I wondered what kinda crafting happened in the bdsm/spanko world. Answer? Lots and lots just like our play a variety of flashy, functional, inventive, ouchy and chuckle worthy could be found with a click of a mouse. I don’t do cross stitch but this quaint little quote made me make a note to learn. Tee hee.

Back from the beach!

Well I am back from vacay! There was sun, there was sand and there was mosquitoes. Haha the first two definitely outweighed the last but apparently I made a delectable foreign snack. Getting away is fun fun fun. Though I am back and trying to get back in the swing of things and we I find that I had become pretty dependent on my afternoon naps. Haha.