If there is any time you can be a kid again it’s when the local fair comes to town.  Well that time of year has come for me and I couldn’t be more excited!  On the agenda?   Cotton candy? Of course? Ride? Indubitably! Winning a fuzzy stuffed animal? Probably not, cause Daddy can’t make it!  Poor Daddy has to work and miss the fun. I did promise him a pic from the top of the Ferris wheel though.  Mainly my agenda is fly by the seat of my pants and have fun! 

A blush worthy assignment

The Blushes task list
As I predicted Daddy (and I) is having a lot of fun with snap chat. He has been coming up with some blush inducing homework and finds it a lot easier to check up on his little girls progress. Yesterday saw this little girl doing a 3 photo sessions for Daddy. Morning, noon and night. These photos were immediately sent to Daddy upon completion and are to be posted on this journal entry. This always has me blushing with embarrassment, squirming with need and proud to have the opportunity to please Daddy by following his instructions even though I think I may die from embarrassment. At the same time I can’t help the thrill I get when I know that Daddy is proud of me. So though my butterflies in my belly are in overdrive, I usually muster up the courage to follow Daddy’s instructions. Embarrassment is part of the thrill for me after all.  

So yesterday morning, I was informed it would be a panty free day. Before I was to get ready for the day I was to pose sitting on the edge of a chair with my legs wide and my fingers spreading my princess parts. Then I was to send the picture to Daddy before I got dressed for the day. I was already squishy when I got dressed. Then I continued my day albeit distracted and not a little bit horny. At noon, I had to find a quiet bathroom and raise my shirt and lower my pants and have a bit of a mid day play until I was on the edge….then I had to stop(pout) and snap a picture and send it to Daddy before i straightened myself up. Then finally after a long and frustrating day. I was to go home and undress and the,gulp, put on a pull up. This was one of the hardest because it is pushing some of my control freak buttons. It makes me feel extremely vulnerable. Anyway o had to be wearing one and sit in the same pose as this morning. Once that one was sent to Daddy, we got a good long video chat where he got to tell me how proud he was…amongst other things.

I also had to think of 5 things Daddy could do to make his little happy.

I chose:

Buy me ice cream!!!!

Kiss my boo boos

Build me the ultimate pillow fort.

Talk dirty to me

Call me princess
And 5 things to make his little blush
Ugh, I chose

Make me wear a diaper in public

Do random diaper checks 

Whisper subtle warnings in my ear if I act up.

Take my temp on my bottom

Call me a naughty girl.

It took me this long!

I am what some might politely call technologically backwards, the less polite ones could say stuck in the dark ages.  Something new in the tech world comes out and I will discover it, grasp it, muddle through the navigation of it when it is old news for everyone else.  Well today I have discovered snapchat.  Oh the filters.  I ask you editing a photo so you are vomiting rainbows!  How can it get better then that.  It has also already closed the gap of me and Daddy’s long distance trials.  I can already tell He is gonna have way too much fun with this, but I am not complaining cause that usually means I will be having some pretty fun times too.  Blushy!  But fun.

Nearly there….not quite.

I have never had a good relationship with Mondays.  They have been my grumpy days.  Lately I have been trying to turn that around and start the week on a positive note.  The above picture sums up how far I got with that positive mentality today.  Got a bit of work to do on that goal apparently.

This is such a ‘little’ thing to do…

Don’t worry I didn’t actually do this. But I can certainly see a ‘little’with an impulsive need for sugar starting a batch of brownies then cuddling up in a blankie and dozing off.  I can also imagine a stern Daddy saving the house from going aflame and taking same said ‘little’ over his lap for a firm and ouchie lesson in safety.  Yup, that’s where my mind went. 😉


So I got to meet up with Daddy the last week!  Yay!  It was great to see him.  But I had some atonements to make and Daddy followed through on his promises and after a brief shopping trip for a couple of blushy items AND some new bubble blowers and a pretty sundress covered in pineapples and….I digress.  We took a little drive deep into the country.  It was actually a long drive, it’s so hard to find a little pocket of nowhere nowadays.  Daddy likes to spank me out in the open because it makes me fidget and blush like crazy.  But, my paranoid nature has me listening for cars and it can distract me from the business at hand.  Daddy has ways of keeping his little one distracted during the drive if you know what I mean nudge nudge wink wink say no more.  So we finally found out little piece of solitude and Daddy wasted no time in baring my bottom and having me start thinking of what I had done (or didn’t do) and what was to come as he set things up.  My sin as I have mentioned being my time management (missed journal posts) and lack of communication.  Basically Daddy is pretty understanding, he realizes life gets busy and I may not always get time to post, but all he asks is I communicate and tell him I am busy and don’t have time to post or may be late.  I have a tendency to feel bad and do the ostrich head in the sand method and hope he doesn’t notice.  So the spanking was more for my lack of open communication.  So when Daddy finished setting up we had a little chat then he promptly and completely spanked my bottom with his hand and two implements. The nasty hairbrush followed by the belt.  I was a blubbering mess after the hairbrush, the belt felt like fire and for a couple of strokes that hit those sensitive sweet spots I actually thought I would spontaneously combust and actually die.  In no way would I ever mistake the belt as an item for play.  There is nothing fun or playful about it.  And the residual effect?  This little girl was sitting gingerly or days after.  I promised to do better and communicate more and to solve world hunger and a number of other things.  Then it was over.  I survived and Daddy gave me cuddles and kisses and motioned up my abused and welted bottom and proceeded to make his little one feel better in his wicked Daddy ways.  But boy will I remember to avoid the belt and remember this rule.