Recollections: My first playtime.

After texting with Daddy after initial contact, we started to delve deeper into out roles and dynamic.  It is amazing to me how even though we both weren’t physically together how I was able to embrace the sub role and eagerly follow Daddy’s instructions like a good ‘little’ girl. Daddy’s first real task/assignment for me was orgasm denial with a bit of edging play thrown in to get my frustrated juices really flowing.  This was all extremely new to me as I am very much an immediate gratification girl in many aspects of my life.  So when Daddy told me he didn’t want me to orgasm until the next day, I wanted to pout and argue. I wanted to be a good girl more though and my mind knew that this was just the first of many tasks or challenges that would be asked of me if I chose to continue with the lifestyle.  So this little girl said yes Daddy.  I had had that day off and Daddy was very attentive all day as we continued to chat about this and that,  likes vs. no likes, ‘little’ activities I would like to try ect.   Then Daddy sent me to the bedroom,  he gave me very specific instructions on what articles of clothing to take off, what position I should take on the bed, how he wanted me to touch myself, if I should have a toy in my bottom.  Then he told me to play with myself until I was close to cumming.  When I started to get close I was to say out loud “Please Daddy, may I cum?”  Then I had to take my hand away before my release and get dressed again.  I was to text him when I finished my assignment and tell him what I did, how it felt and how I was feeling after.  Just being given such specific instructions and being firmly told that I was not allowed my release without Daddy’s permission, had me aroused and throbbing.  I followed His instructions to the letter, and though it was hard coming so close I stopped before my release.  I was shaking as I redressed myself, but I was surging with pride and eager to report to Daddy.  Daddy responded that he was so proud of me and I have to admit my heart swelled with the accomplishment more as I read those words.  The rest of the Day continued like that,  I remained in a constant state of arousal for the rest of the Day, pretty much constantly texting with Daddy about everything under the sun, but always aware of the throbbing in my nether regions.  Every once and a while Daddy would text me with “I think it’s time for another trip to the bedroom, Babygirl”. My heart would flutter and my breath would catch, but without hesitation I would reply with “yes Daddy.”  The assignments would vary,  sometimes I would have to bring myself to the edge and stop and take myself to the corner and stand there for an allotted time nose to the wall and bare bottom on display and imagining Daddy watching me, then back on the bed to bring myself to the edge again.  1/2 way through the day, Daddy said when I redressed he didn’t want me to wear panties so I would feel how wet I was when I moved around.  There was always another different hurdle to jump with each bedroom session, another addition or adjustment to the scene.  The only things that were the same were the asking for release, denial of release and the reporting back to Daddy after.  Daddy was always so proud and though by the end of this assignment this girl was blushing like crazy, and climbing the walls with frustration, it all seemed worth it when Daddy praised me.  There were a couple of times I attempted to negotiate an earlier release, but wicked Daddy stayed firm and pointed out that he hadn’t specified when the next Day he would allow it.  There was a bit of pouting but no thought of rebellion.  My mind had already embraced the concept of I can cum when Daddy says and that’s that. The next day,  my focus was only on one thing.  I had never been so aware of myself and my desire.  I asked so very politely if I could cum and when Daddy complied, complete with a script orchestrating my every action to get there, I obeyed without question.  I have to admit the result was shattering.  It was very intense when I finally reached the edge and this time plummeted over it.  It seemed only natural that the first words out of my mouth were “Thank you Daddy.”


Meeting Daddy.

When I first posted my profile on Fetlife, I was a mass of nerves.  Until I had created my profile, I had only ever relied on reading various erotica and using my rather fertile imagination to think up some steamy scenarios for self gratification purposes.  The solo act was starting to wane a bit though. There are just something’s better shared with another.  On the other side of the coin there was a looming fear of the unknown as I entered some unexplored territory. So I weighed prod and cons,  dissected possible outcomes, gave myself a pep talk and finally just signed myself up.  I Posted my profile, and took a look around the sight, checking the various discussion groups and posts, but old habits die hard and most of it was observing from the edges, I did not offer opinion or reach out right away.  I used the excuse that baby steps were acceptable.  I did put up a profile, let’s see how the cards fall.  

There was the initial mini flood of welcomes, the odd random I know nothing about you but let’s be friends without exchanging a single word friend requests.  Nothing so scary but nothing overly encouraging.  I decided to sit back and wait for a bit.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t jump when my notification pinged and eagerly open my message bank when someone reached out. Then I got a message.  It was an actual message, with actual sentences involved.  I have never been a fan of the oh so charming “what’s up?” Line.  So I decided to check out the senders profile.  Again I was pleasantly surprised that he spoke about himself was open about his interests and appeared to be well spoken.  Definitely worth a response, which I promptly gave.  That was when I met my Daddy. We began exchanging messages getting to know eachother and I was surprised at how easy it was to be comfortable and forthright when communicating with him.  PM’s turned to texts and texts turned to flirting, flirting turned into playtime.  The transition was fairly quick, but also seemed to flow quite naturally.  I got butterflies in my belly and could not stop grinning after receiving a text from Daddy.  We have since met in person and have engaged in fun playtime that leaves me both happy and hungry for more.  But I will always be grateful for that first message that led me to meeting Daddy.

Scavenger hunts & Repurposing

A fun game Daddy introduced me to was repurposing household items into naughty Funtime toys and tools.  A fairly common example would be various kitchen implements that could also be used to make a burning impression on a naughty ‘littles’ bottom.  Well Daddy is a repurposing master,  very ingenious in some respects and surprisingly practical in others.   This came in handy when Daddy first started giving me assignments for playtime or began training my bottom hole for anal.  As I may have mentioned before Our relationship is mostly long distance, with the odd snippet of time together here and there.  This means this Little girl has to keep on practicing without Daddy’s supervision.  

The first obstacle I saw when Daddy, suggested I start taking things in my bottom hole was I don’t have any toys.  And I would blush red as a tomato if I were to go into one of those grown up stores.  This wasn’t a problem for Daddy!  And thus I was introduced to the scavenger hunt.  He sent me looking around my house finding things candles, markers, brush handles ect.  *note usual precautions should be observed.  Use lube, avoid sharp edges and don’t use anything that can get lost inside.   This still had his little girl blushing because although the items found were innocent enough I knew what they were intended for.  I was to take a picture of my scavenged treasures and tell Daddy why I chose each item and what I thought it would feel like when I put it inside.

  He’s playfully suggested that we go to a store and browse around for various household items that we can use for either play or punishment and then he will send me to purchase them as he stands back and watches me blush.  Now I can’t go to a store or use certain household items without considering them more closely and imagining their possible alternate purposes. I have to admit I enjoy going on scavenger hunts and have begun to do them independently without Daddy’s direction.  It is good for experimenting with your various kinks without breaking the budget and you can experiment with some of your ‘maybe’ activities without making an investment on something you are not sure you are going to pursue.  It’s been very beneficial to my bottom training and I have made great strides in the sizes I can take back there.  Last night I had another scavenger hunt to upgrade to a larger size. As the size goes up the more creative you might have to be which adds a fun challenge.


As I am a newbie when it comes to practical ageplay,  I have never been subject to rules in this context. I am aware of Daddy’s and their little girls coming up with rules to solidify their own unique dynamic and parts of me crave the structure of it.  The expectations clearly defined and the promise of consequences if a naughty little srrays from the path.For me though it seems to be one of those areas where I experience a bit of conflict and my ‘big’ self starts to reappear. So far this rebellious reaction has only reared its head during my reading and exploring the topic, as I so far have only a few rules that I have to follow and they are fairly easy for me to comply with, though I have earned myself a couple of bottom warnings for some slip ups :/ .  I am sure as Daddy and I move forward, the list of rules will grow and hopefully the rules to be added will be embraced by my ‘little’ self and my ‘big’ will remain quiet content in the knowledge that  I may not like a rule but that I trust Daddy to do what is best for his little girl.

This far this is my list of rules as short as it may be:

1. No smoking (this is something that I actually asked Daddy to help me with, I have tried quitting before and had started cheating, cheating ultimately turned into not quitting.  Now a cheat results in a bare bottomed spanking and a yucky mouth soaping.  I already recieved a punishment for this and that was a very good incentive to stay quit!)

2. This little girl has to ask for permission to cum and once permission is granted she has to announce her coming.  If Daddy is not around she still had to do this though permission is implied unless Daddy had given her a denial assignment.

3. This little one will complete all assignments given both by Daddy and in ‘Big’ life on time.  ( I am a bit of a procrastinator)

4. This little one will keep an online journal, where she can post rules, assignments, punishments, or general feelings about the lifestyle.  It is to be updated no less then 2 times per week.

5. This little one (blush) has to announce when she has to potty and when she on the potty she had to announce she is peeing.  ( this is my newest rule, and still has me blushing, I only have to do this when with Daddy or when I can be insured privacy but it is hard to speak above a whisper.)

These are my rules currently.  As I say it is early days yet and I have no doubt the list will grow.  As Daddy and I both have busy schedules and don’t get lots of together time.  My rules are on the honour system.  If I make an infraction I have to tell Daddy.  If Daddy asks me and I haven’t confessed it on my own, I get an extra punishment for not being forthcoming.  I thought the honour system would be easy to subvert, the whole tree falling in the forest concept, boy was I wrong.  When Daddy asked me over text how my quitting smoking was coming along and I had had a cheat, I blushed and my  bottom tingled at the idea of a spanking but despite my panic I admitted my transgression to Daddy even though I knew what I would get as well as knew I COULD have lied and he wouldn’t have known.  I just couldn’t lie to Daddy.

Why littledom (DD/lg) interests me

I have been interested in power exchange dynamics for years and through my time ghosting websites I have been able to both hone my preferred form of power exchange as well as create a list of personally titillating activities I would choose to partake in should I get the gumption to engage such a relationship.

The Daddy Dom/ little girl dynamic seemed to speak to me for a number of reasons.  

The first and most powerful being the nurturing connotations I have seen in my research and readings.  The idea of being cared for, seen too, giving up all hard decisions and putting your well being in the hands of another had a freeing quality to it that makes it easy for me give up the control that in my everyday life I keep firmly in my grip.

 I have also always kept a youthful exuberance and enjoyment in childish things.  Playing on the playground, blowing bubbles, playing dress up, watching cartoons, or just being plain silly. These are things I still like to engage in and though I can at my age. I am the ‘fun’ auntie to my nieces and nephews, I have to be the moderator. Reminding them to be careful, put on sunscreen, hold my hand, that’s enough junk food.  I can engage as a big but I cannot lose myself as a ‘little’ would.

 Then there is the naughty part of Dd/lg play.  Through my trolling through the net and reading naughty novels.  I have found some of the d/s play that draws me is frequently incorporated into ageplay dynamics. That of spanking, medfet, ménage scenarios, they can all be put into play in an age play setting.  Naughty little girls get spankings from their firm yet loving Daddy’s to make sure they follow the rules.  Sick babygirl’s get their temperatures taken in there bottoms and other embarrassing care, because it is for there well being.  Sometimes uncles or other littles might come for a visit and there can be fun for all. That lusty list goes on of course but you see where I am going.

Then there is the clean slate factor.  People make mistakes. Fact of life, but I have always been my own worst critic and have a tendency to dwell.  The process of confessing my lapses to Daddy, being made to contemplate my mistake (probably bare-bottomed with my nose in the corner), punished in the agreed upon manner so my lesson is learned, then forgiven and assured I am still Daddy’s little girl, this ritual seems to put the issue to bed and I can let it go far easier then I otherwise would have.

These were just some of the draws that pulled me towards this particular dynamic, I am sure they will be expanded upon and current interests will evolve as I move forward.  I now have a Daddy who is very good and patient while helping me explore my ‘little’ self’.  I have found that interacting with a Daddy instead of just imagining one has been very satisfying and though at first scary was worth the leap.