Regression and determining my ‘little’ age



The regression in ageplay has always been fascinating as well as a little intimidating.  At first I couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Sub tendencies aside, I remember my youth and the many occasions that I wished to be older so I could do the things older people could or achieve the relevance that my elders had and the independence adults enjoyed. So now I have been exploring this area and I am baffled that  after the waiting, the hurdles conquered and the battles fought and won to achieve independent adult status, that I want, sometimes even need to throw off that mantle and have a tea party with my dolls and a serious session with my colouring book as I did when I was a child.  Baffled as I may be I have to admit the feeling of freedom I experience when I shuck of the responsibilities of everyday life and just focus on play is very addictive.

The biggest challenge for me is transitioning.  Going from my big to my little is a difficult process for my busy brain.  The times I need to indulge my little most are usually connected to stress or busyness in my big life.  This means opportunity for little time is limited and letting go of big girl responsibilities is difficult.  

My biggest opportunity that I indulge in when the need is really great is around bedtime.  I can always get a bit of a fix by dressing in my more childish Jammie’s, putting my hair in pigtail braids and cuddling up with a stuffed companion while falling asleep to one of my cartoons. It allows me to relax and achieve sleep a bit better, of course if Daddy was around for bedtime I thrill at the thought of being cuddled up with him as he read me a bedtime story and the possibility of kisses and cuddles.  

So far my ventures into my little self are fairly short, the odd hr or two.  More often there isn’t a full transition at all and I merely bring a bit more little into my big life.  I luckily have that out as I have always maintained a childish or wonky personality so it doesn’t seem out of place.  An example one time at a friends house I was having a klutzy day and spilled my coffee twice in a row basically within the time it took to clean up the first spill and in the exact same way. It was like “take two”.  I blushed and apologized profusely and everyone there had a good laugh and my friend made the joke that she would remember I shouldn’t drink coffee in her car to avoid the mess.  As luck would have it a couple weeks later we planned a day trip to one of the bigger cities and my friend was driving.  I was slightly panicked at the idea of not having coffee for the long drive and then I grabbed the opportunity and stopped by a drug store before meeting the group.  I showed up for the road trip with a monkey character sippy cup and a bib, asking if I used it could we please do a coffee run.  This got another laugh and we chuckled through the day over my antics of bib wearing, occasionally baby talking and sippy cup using while in the car. All in the name of comedy and entertainment (hehe). I even named my sippy cup “uh oh”.  “Uh oh” has since made regular appearances on camping trips and other get togethers, usually housing more adult beverages than not; beverages that are likely to bring out my clumsy and ‘theatrical’ side.  These occurrences of little play are my most frequent outlet and always used with the cover of tom foolery.

I have read books and heard of accountings of people in the lifestyle engaging in little days or even weekends.  The idea of staying In that role for such a length of time is a little daunting. I am not sure as the opportunity hasn’t arose and therefore I have no point of experiential reference, but I wonder if others find it difficult to maintain the role for such lengths of time or if it would become more natural as time went on.

Maybe the above question is based around my other challenge.  Determining my little age.  I seemed to bounce all over the sphere, which again from my readings doesn’t seem to be completely odd for others.  For me a big part of deciding my age seems to be based on how much dependence I am willing to have on my Daddy.  I will again give another contradictory example of my mindset.  I love the idea of being taken care of, but I find it difficult be dependent on others.  Therefore usually my little age usually falls around the 5-7 year range.  I would at that age be expected to walk, talk, feed myself ect.  But would still be automatically inclined to follow Daddy’s rules and directions naturally as an authority.  That and my little activity’s of choice fit that age range. Being younger would make me more dependent than my current comfort level would allow, but being older might invite expectations of me testing authority a bit more than my general sub inclinations would allow.  I am a tantrummer not a rebel.  

Then I worry that I overthink things.  the thing I like about this lifestyle is there are loose guidelines as opposed to rigid pigeonholes, but here I am trying to build a specific framework.  This seems to happen during some of my texting or online games with Daddy.  When he introduces a game or a challenge, my first reaction is to please him, my second is a thrill over what he wants me to do. BUT,  The third reaction is to dissect the mechanics of it, worry over some of the limits that may be tested and my general ability to comply. Details, details, details I get wrapped up in them.  I really wish it was easier to let myself go.

When Daddy is with me for play time it is easier to fall into the role and live in the moment, I focus on each instruction as it comes, knowing that the next instruction will come when Daddy decides and I can just get lost in the feelings. With the clarity that comes with Daddy’s presence, i would see myself being more inclined to fall into a more specific little age and be able to maintain it naturally, but as it is early days yet and opportunities are still sporadic I guess only time will tell. Hopefully with time and familiarity I will be more inclined to relax and follow my instincts instead of feeling the need to choreograph every nuance.


Reading, writing & reviews


I have always been a bookworm.  As soon as i could read, I nearly always had a book in my hand.  From dr. Suess to Roald Dahl as a child up to nearly every genre as I grew older.  It was the first exposure I had to the lifestyle when I started to explore life on the fringe. So it should come as no surprise when I say I am a big fan of many different festish and bdsm themes when it comes to reading.  For the longest time reading about it was my only outlet, so I was quite grateful for my e-reader. There is quite a bit out there, what with technology and the cheaper option of self publishing, anyone with inclination can post a story for sale, not to mention the many free story sites and archives. 
 I admire these people for their bravery, I have always had the creative writing bug and am always jotting down a story here or plotting a novel there.  My interests are varied and scattered so I have spanned many different genres and writing styles.  When it comes to opening myself up and actually posting or publishing a work though I balk.  Opening myself to judgment has never been a strong point of mine.  Starting this blog was a huge step for me because of that fear of judgment.  But I did start the blog, and I am still standing, so who knows what I next step I make in the future.

So anyways I thought I would share the wealth as it were and recommend some sites, authors and books that I have enjoyed over the years.  

Today’s recommendation is a site I have enjoyed for years now. :  Many of you are probably already aware of this site.  If you aren’t though you really should be.  It is a HUGE story archive that covers almost every fetish in any genre you wish to explore.  It ranges from soft sweet romances to hardcore bdsm fantasies and has both short stories as well as novels in chapter instalments. I found this site to be entertaining and because of the vast selection a good way to explore my different curiosities and develop my likes and dislikes.  There are many talented authors on this site, some have even gone on to self publish on amazon and other e-reader sites.

Some of the challenges or frustrations I have encountered with this site are few but here they are.

It is a huge archive so navigating it can be a bit of a chore, they do have categories you can choose from to narrow down your searches a bit, but the synopsis given for stories can be vague.  I would suggest going to their tags portal and then you can search stories using key words pertinent to your specific interests or inclinations.  Another frustration I have had that isn’t exactly the sites fault, is the chapter stories can be installed as the author goes.  There are many of the chapter stories that are unfinished and have either been abandoned by the author or are updated slowly.  It is super frustrating to get involved with a plotline only to realize the story had been left unfinished or you have to wait months for the following chapter.

In my opinion it is a site worthy of checking out.  I have little doubt it will fast become a favourite.

I will try to update regularly and give my recommendations and reviews of the fiction and authors I have found over the years.  If you have any recommendations you wish to share feel free to pass it on I am always looking to add to my library.


Tie me up


There are various activities I want to explore now that I have begun my adventure.  One that fills me with thrills and chills is shibari rope bondage.

On my trolling through the net, I have seen many photographic examples of this practice that are so tastefully and artistically done.  These pictures appeal to the sensualist in me. The practice seems not only a functional power exchange practice but is very pleasing to the eye.

There are so many different designs and knots in varying degrees of restriction which makes it less intimidating as you can gradually build up in degrees the amount of helplessness you feel. This would be very important for me because as much as I might eventually want to give up total control and be bound into full helplessness and be made to take whatever my top wishes, trust would have to be complete before that stage was reached.  Right now I am willing to give up control, but up to this point it has basically been symbolic I am emotionally binding myself by complying with my Daddy’s wishes without question trusting that he won’t take it farther than I can handle.To have the choice being taken away by physical restraints is still a pretty scary prospect. How can trust be built without a little practice and experimentation though? 

I am also curious to explore the sensations that rope bondage might incite.  There seem to be a number of harnesses that are designed to stimulate various areas of the body, it would be interesting to play with the different sensations.  Daddy and I have already done some sensation play with clips and tingle enhancing creams and the result was very addictive, though I know Daddy has gone fairly light on his novice.

So on my list of kinks to explore rope bondage takes a top slot.  If anyone has any experience with this type of play and wants to share their opinion or have words of wisdoms or know of any educational sites that might be helpful please drop a line.




Daddy came for a visit yesterday!

It has been a long couple of months of busy, conflicting schedules and limited conversation in general between Daddy and me.  We are both workaholics and he works away a lot, so my logical brain was aware there would be periods when this would happen, even expected it.  The ‘little’ in me runs more on the emotional wavelength and has been starting to get pouty and worried that Daddy might be getting bored.  Too much time to think on the subject gives me the opportunity to turn it around in every possible angle in my brain. It is a quirk of mine that I have had for ages but it can definitely make for an uneasy little girl.

So it couldn’t have come too soon when Daddy got in touch and we were finally able coordinate schedules.  It was a bit of a flyby visit, but we always seem to make the best of anytime we have.  There was plenty of kisses and cuddles…and cornertime. Daddy has the memory of an elephant so I am sitting on an achey and well reddened bottom after a nasty session over Daddy’s knee as punishment for forgetting to ask to cum during one of my independent play sessions ages ago. (Conspiritual whisper) nasty as the hard handspanking followed by the wicked sting of the wooden bath brush, it was what I REALLY needed.  It felt so good to have a good emotional purge over Daddy’s knee.  After Daddy took me to task he rocked me and coddled me until I had calmed down.  He then made sure to make note of how dripping wet I was in my naughty place and tested my control by bringing me to the edge of orgasm a few times while denying me permission for release.  He certainly knows how to drive a point home.  Then I got a present!  Daddy bought me a new plug for my anal training.  This one is an inflatable and after he had me assume position 2 we tested my new toy out.  Daddy inserted it gently and  I might proudly add with little difficulty and pumped it three pumps so it was snug in my bottom.  Then this Babygirl was aloud to cum and cum and cum.  I was full of shivers and aftershocks when Daddy removed the plug and told me to use my hand to play with my clitty.  Then Daddy replaced the toy with his cock.  The moment of truth had arrived.  All my training and practicing was to enable me to take Daddy in my bottom.  As he started pushing in there was a slight sting and for the briefest of moments I was worried that after all that practice I still wasn’t ready and then Daddy slid in the rest of the way and I nearly burst with pride.  As Daddy started to move I began to rub my itchy little clitty in earnest and soon we were both ready for release.  There was nothing better then feeling the weight of Daddy on my back as I shivered with the aftershocks of my orgasm, knowing he was just as spent as I was.  It was a wonderful play date.  I felt completely refreshed and I knew Daddy was proud of me.  We cuddled for a bit after cleaning up and before Daddy had to go, which is always too soon for me, but all good things and all that.It was definitely a get together worth the wait. Thank you Daddy.

Recollections: My first punishment spanking

It was fairly shortly after me and Daddy met in person for the first time, that I earned myself a punishment.  During our initial interactions Daddy had asked me if there was anything in my life that might be helped by his guiding hand, so to speak.  I was immediately thrilled at the prospect of sharing the burden of some of my personal challenges and allowing Daddy the authority to correct certain lapses in judgment.  There wasn’t a whole lot I could think of though.  I am a fairly self disciplined person.  But there was one challenge I had recently been attempting again.  I was a smoker and had tried to quit a couple of times before without success.  I had recently decided to make the attempt again just before meeting Daddy, so temptation was still a daily challenge.  I mentioned this goal, and he immediately agreed to help me on track.  He would check in occasionally to see how I was doing, praised my success and every once and awhile drop a tidbit of information of what I would be in for if I lapsed.  At first this was enough,  the threat of a spanking and Daddy’s disapproval kept me on the straight and narrow.  Then I am not sure if part of it was a naughty little imp in my brain daring me to test Daddy’s resolve or vigilance or just the opportunity and habit breaking my resolve, but one day I was with a family member who smoked and they offered me one.  I accepted.  My heart even fluttered a bit as I accepted, but my mind was a flurry if excuses.  ‘It’s just the one’ ‘I didn’t buy a pack’.  I felt guilty, but I kept quiet about it deciding the guilt was punishment enough and I would be more resolved not to smoke after the lapse.  Just three days later Daddy texted me from work.  We chatted about this that and the other thing, just catching up.  Then out of the blue the casual inquiry.  ‘How’s the not smoking going?’  My stomach dropped.  What were the odds?  I wanted to lie, i mean most of our relationship was long distance, how would he know different?  That wasn’t an option though.  I couldn’t bring myself to lie.  One of the draws I had had towards spanking was skipping the guilt.  I commit a transgression, I get spanked for it and the incident is forgotten the lesson learned.  If I lied I would just have the guilt of lying eating at me, and the person who was supposed to make the yucky guilt go away would be the one I couldn’t tell.  No thank you.

That didn’t stop me from some subtle attempts at prevarication and downplaying.  Daddy has a pretty good BS barometer though.  I finally admitted to my sin.  Daddy was expressed his disappointment at my lapse as well as the fact that I didn’t come forward with that information.  The fact I waited for him to ask me was not acceptable.  I was amazed at how deeply his disappointment affected me.  I felt JUST like a naughty little girl who had disappointed her Daddy.  It was decided that I had definitely earned a punishment and when he was next in town he would teach my naughty bottom a lesson.  I remembered apologizing again and again and asking if he was mad?  He assured me he wasn’t mad but disappointed and that it would be taken care of when he saw me.  There was worry over my upcoming punishment, but I felt better knowing Daddy wasn’t

MAD at me.

Soon enough, Daddy was able to come for a visit.  My worry was still present, kept alive by messages from Daddy debating on the implement he would use, and seeing as I technically had two infractions he asked my opinion on what I would choose for an extra punishment?  The options of mouth soaping and enemas had the butterflies going in my belly.  The fact that Daddy was making me actively involved in deciding what my punishment should entail was disconcerting as well as chastening. 

When I greeted Daddy at the door I was a bundle of nerves.  But when he saw me the first thing he did was pull me in for a hug, I relaxed instantly, but soon I found myself standing in between Daddy’s knees contrite and unable to look him in the eye as he outlined my transactions and why we were there.  Again Daddy insisted on my involvement over mute acceptance demanding responses from me. Finally the scolding was over, Daddy told me to strip down.  Once I was naked he took a firm hold of my earlobe and led me to the bathroom.  My stomach again erupted into butterflies, I was afraid he had decided on an enema as my extra punishment.  I was interested in exploring enema play but as I was an enema virgin I didn’t want my first to be of the punishment variety.  He agreed thankfully, but I was initiated into the practice of mouth soaping, as he opened a new bar of Irish spring soap and ran it under the faucet.  Soon he was asking my to open wide and when he positioned the bar to his liking commanded me to bite down on it.  He didn’t place the bar so deep but biting down on it coated my teeth and my tongue was pressed flat against the bottom of the bar.  It was SUPER YUCKY DISGUSTING!!!  I was so embarrassed especially as the suds escaped my mouth and dripped  down my chin as he again began scolding me.  Involuntary shudders wracked my body as the tasted imbedded on my tongue causing my mouth to water even more.  Finally he removed the bar and let me spit and rinse.  He kindly gave me all the time I needed to rinse all the residue away before ear marching me back to the bedroom and placing me in the corner.  As I stood on the corner Daddy didn’t say a word as he unpacked his implements and made his final decision on what he would use for my spanking.  The lack of speaking made the sounds of him unpacking his toy bag almost echo on the silence of the room and my mind was planted firmly on my upcoming punishment.  He finally called me from the corner, my eyes were immediately drawn to the plastic bath brush laid on the bed.  My bottom clenched in reaction but I wasn’t given much time to contemplate as I was once again drawn to stand in between Daddy’s knees as he once again drew me into a brief discussion about why I was there.  He required me to verbally agree that I had asked for him to help me, that I had broken the rules, and ask for my spanking.  This brought back the feelings of guilt and contrition and I felt the blush that overtook my faces as I quietly asked for Daddy to spank my naughty bottom.  As soon I spoke the words Daddy helped me position myself over his lap.  I immediately felt vulnerable with my bottom in the air my hands on the mattress on front of me.  I felt Daddy’s hand grip my hip and adjust me slightly do I was firmly in place and I braced myself with for the warm up of his hand spanking.  The slaps started firm and fairly closely spaced.  I jumped at first when they started but steeled myself to lie still as I felt the individual sting of each swat.  Daddy remained silent and I followed suit until the sting of each swat began to blend into the next and a dull burn began to build.  At that point I began to whimper and yelp with the impact of his hand my hands clenched and I began to wiggle in Daddy’s hold.  The tone of this spanking definitely began to differ from my first initiation spanking and my wiggles and whimpers did not effect the intensity with which Daddy’s hand rained down on my bottom.  Soon I was using my words saying how sorry I was, how I would be a good girl,  it wouldn’t happen again.  Daddy would return with a comment on how red my bottom was becoming or how he hoped I was sorry all the while continuing.  My wiggles became more frantic, my feet began to kick up in an attempt to break his hold or as a shield against his strong strokes.  At one point I instinctually brought my hands back to cover my flaming and throbbing bottom, Daddy grabbed them and pinned them to the base of my spine and adjusted me on his lap. I was breathing heavily and sobs were being held back by sheer force of will.  Daddy then took up the bath brush.  With the first stroke I felt the weight of it as a searing sting overlapped the fire in my bottom and it was with the second swat that my sobs and squeals began in earnest. My promises and apologies were repeated over and over and my throat burned and I tried to drag in enough breath to utter the right words to get him to stop.  Each steady hard swat was like fire and I began to lunge forward and buck up in an attempt to dislodge myself from his lap.  The only thought I had was of the fire burning in my bottom.  That I had put myself there by breaking the rules.  I was not sure how much more I could take when the swats stopped and Daddy flipped me over and sat me in his lap.  The agony of the moment my hot bottom seated on his hard leg had me yelping but was soon forgotten as he wrapped his arms around me and I melted into his shoulder and I sobbed and shook.  He rocked me and soothed me, telling me it was all done.  And as I calmed down I felt relieved it was over and proud that I had taken my punishment.  Afterwards Daddy made this Babygirl feel much better, though the ache of my spanking stayed with me for a few days after, reminding me every time I sat down it would be best to follow Daddy’s rules.  Thank you Daddy.

Soooo hard to focus!

I don’t know if it is the changing of the seasons, the hectic schedule,  the hit and miss schedule with Daddy, Or what.  But focusing has been a near impossible task for me lately.  The different slots and boxes that I use to compartmentlize my life are all disorganized and things I am usually on top of are getting missed, messed or muddled.

 Yesterday I was talking with a friend and I lost my train of thought before it even left the station.  I’ve been double booking in my schedule and I go to start a task and blankly stare at it forgetting what I intended to do.  

  I need a reset activity, but am at a loss of what do.  The usual suspects of colouring, reading, and crafting haven’t been able to focus my attention.  Anybody else suffer from periods of scattered wits?  Any suggestion for getting out of that funk?

Day full of tasks part 3

So I just completed my third and final teasing session.  This one was the one I was worried about most as I still had two of my other tasks the complete before and during it in order to comply with all of Daddy’s instructions, the first one was having an accident in my pants. So that I could spend my first 10 mins of corner time in my soaked pants. To prep and hopefully make it easier I took Daddy’s advice and drank plenty of water.  I even felt the urge to go, but my mind was still firmly in rebellion, I must have spent 45 mins pacing back and forth, tugging one of my braided pigtails and sucking my thumb, I was definitely feeling “little” but the big was still fighting back.  I finally relaxed enough and kept reminding myself that Daddy would be proud and in turn I would be proud of myself.  Finally I felt the first trickle, horrified I cut off the stream, but after reminding myself that I was succeeding in what I set out to do relaxed again,  there was so much, I was so embarrassed and I winced and covered my face as I felt the warmth spread and run down my leg.  It seemed to go on for an age.  I was blushing and uncomfortable, I made my way to my corner as quickly as I could to get the 10 mins out of the way.  During my corner time I began to get chilled and uncomfortable as my wet pants cooled and clung, I totally get why babies fuss when they have a wet diaper.  When the ten mins were up I stripped out of my pants and panties and cleaned myself with a aloe Vera wipes,  I was embarrassed to note that I soaking wet in an entirely different way as well, so despite my mental block part of me seemed to enjoy the activity or maybe it was the knowledge that Daddy would be pleased. This time I focused on my bottom for my teasing session as the final task was to use the new bigger toy I found on my scavenger hunt.  A small cylindrical bottle.  It is blunter and slightly wider then my last toy.  I worked up in stages.  Blush.  I have to admit I have slightly neglected my training due to crazy schedule, illness and family concerns so this took some time.  I finally felt ready enough to attempt the upgrade.  It fit but only just and it ached a bit I couldn’t hold it very long, but all the stimulation to my hiney hole had my kitty dripping wet and a mere flicker of my finger over my clitty had me at the edge.  I shook and shivered and wrestled for control.  My only thought was to tickle myself to completion.  But I resisted and soon was able to get up on shaky legs and hop in the shower.  Now I am cuddled up in bed,  my kitty is throbbing and I am still blushing at the memories of my earlier actions but I am proud that I completed Daddy’s list of tasks.  Now I just hope that Daddy is pleased enough to let me cum in the morning.  Fingers crossed for another message from Daddy telling his little one to cum as hard as she can.

A day full of tasks part 2

So at around 4pm I was able to complete the 2nd of my teasing sessions.  I was hoping to get my accident in my pants out of the way, but I was short on time and my brain just wouldn’t let go and let me comply.  I seem to be one of those people who preform down to the wire so I was a little disappointed but far from surprised.  I spent the first 10 mins of my corner time contemplating my potty assignment. My clipped nips were very sensitive with the second round of chopsticks and were throbbing by the time I was ready to play.  I decided to play a bit more with pinches so I decided to try some of the gentler clips on my kitty lips.  I used four in total to on each lip.  I barely felt the clips pinch at first, but I did notice how opened up I felt as the weight of the clips spread me, after a while I fingering my clit I began to feel the intensity of the clips on my lips make themselves noticable.  I was soaking wet and soon after reached the edge.  I slowed my fingers and hovered for as long as I dared before removing my hand and lay there panting through the frustration.  When I had calmed down I removed the clips from my naughty place and took myself back to the corner and breathed myself through the tingles and throbs.  I wasn’t able to focus on much else but my need.  I kept reminding myself that if I broke this rule my bottom was in for a nasty punishment. 

A day full of tasks part 1

Little did I know when I woke up today Daddy would have a game for me.  A game that would have me blushing,embarrassed and shivering with need. I should have known,  Daddy has a way of making things a bit better when things don’t go our way.  We’ve had scheduling conflict after scheduling conflict that has prevented us from having together playtime 😦 most recently this past weekend.  I understand, heck my schedule is a busy one too, but it puts my little into a pout.

So this little girl was giddy when her phone pinged and she saw a message from Daddy.  He had given me a day full of tasks.  Some of the tasks I have had before, yup it’s another day of orgasm denial, corner time contemplation and frustratingly nummy to the edge play sessions.  He even threw in a scavenger hunt for a new bottom toy.Daddy added a few curve balls for me though.  He wants me to get into my little space more.  So I am to put my hair in pigtails today, I am encouraged to suck my thumb whenever the inclination hits me…..gulp and I have to have a potty accident in my pants.  Privately of course, but he still wants me to wet myself.  We have been exploring potty play a bit.  It is a sure fire way to get me blushing, but it is the most difficult for me to comply with.  I want to for Daddy, but my instincts are pretty ingrained and my bladder goes on lockdown.  This will be a hurdle, but the incentive is right.  Daddy says if I complete all the tasks He has set out my orgasm denial lasts only until tomorrow morning.  If I don’t complete the tasks I have to wait until Thursday after supper. So there, I have an out if I am willing to take the consequence.  

I have just finished my first task.  An early morning get my morning running play session.  Daddy wanted me to clip my nipples and put myself in the corner for ten minutes to think about my assignment and the spanking I am looking forward to more and more when we finally get together.  My mind was definitely a flurry of activity for my first corner time with all the thinks I was thinking.  It was hard to stay still and I felt Daddy’s invisible eye on me the whole time,  there were a couple of whimpers.  When my timer sounded I immediately stuck my thumb in my mouth for comfort as I made my way to the bed for my teasing playtime.  I settled on position 2 for my first teasing session.  The pinches on my nips is yummy when I rest on my chest and I was so full of blushes it was nice to hide in the pillows.  I started slowly touching myself, embarrassed to discover that 10 mins in the corner thinking my thinks had me soaking wet.  I slowly and lightly circled my little clit for a bit,  then I gave my kitty light, rapid almost fluttery slaps,  then I started sliding my fingers in one at a time.  My bottom clenched, my hips wriggled and bucked and all of my movements made my pinched nipples ache and throb.  When I reached the edge I tore my hand away quickly and of their  own accord my hips strained sooo hard to reach it again.  I was panting and groaning and once again sucked my thumb for comfort as I made my way back to the corner for another 10 mins of thinking time.  This time all I could think about was the needy throbbing in my hungry kitty.  I shivered and shook and clenched,  I imagined the mess I would be if I had to wait until Thursday night and willed myself to attempt my potty accident later today.  After my 10 mins I unclipped my sensitive nips and got dressed for the day.  I chose leggings with flowers on them to help further with my little mindset.  And now to get through the rest of the morning and midday when till I do it all over again this afternoon.


I am rarely ever sick, but when I get there it always seems to be a doozie.  Finally getting over a pretty spectacular bug that took me down for a few days.  It’s a good thing I don’t get sick often and that Daddy was away working cause I am not a very good patient.  The grump in me takes over and I probably would have earned myself pretty red bottom with my attitude and general surliness.  As much as I like the idea of being taken care of, I’m probably better of locking myself in my bedroom and hitting the hibernation button until the storm passes.  Finally feeling better, but some moodiness is hanging on 😦 hoping to be back to rights soon.  I HATE being sick.  What about you other littles out there?  How do you handle being sick?  Do your Daddies give you a hall pass during that time for less then stellar attitude while you are down and out?  I have never been faced with that exact scenario yet, do I am curious about others experiences.