Release Granted!

Yesterday, I woke up from a fitful sleep to a text from Daddy. He said he was proud of me for all of my hard work on my assignment and though my 2nd video wasn’t processed yet he would allow me to cum last night at bedtime. That was a cherished and very welcome message ironically more for Daddy saying he was proud of me than the fact that release was in imminent sight. He stipulated before I played at bedtime I had to prepare myself in the usual way with my plug in my bottom and chopsticks pinching my nipples (this seems to have become my default uniform) and I had to put myself in the corner for 20 mins. I thought the anticipation throughout the day was agony enough. That sensation of so close but so far away plaguing me, but that 20 mins I the corner was torture. Keeping still was a challenge, then focusing my thoughts, I thought about my upcoming spanking, tried to imagine how I would take my very first caning, how my bottom would look after my correction. All of these thoughts though worrisome just seemed to send zings of arousal down through my core and had me clenching around the plug in my bottom which sent more zings through me making me want to roll my hips. My mind is still worried about my punishment but my body apparently found it quite hot (traitor!). When my time in the corner was done and I was finally able to play I could have easily gone over the edge in seconds I was so wet and throbby. Daddy wanted me to draw it out though and once I started I wasn’t allowed to stop until I had achieved three orgasms. Needless to say last night there were fireworks and exploding stars crossing my vision with hypersentsations that blurred between pleasure or pain. By the time I was done I could have been mistaken for a limp noodle, I was completely jellified. I slept very well last night.

Thank you Daddy.

My second assignment


So frustrated!

So this latest assignment has been full of twists and turns, testing limits and has this Babygirl all in a tizzy. This message may seem a little disjointed and rambling, my focus is severely compromised so I apologize before hand and I will do my best to be legible.
The first turn was on Day two, I wound up having to take a double shift, which left me no time for my two teasing assignments. :(. So like the good little girl I am I let Daddy know about the change and voluntarily admitted I would most likely have to wait 3 days before Daddy granted me release. I wasn’t happy about it. I really dislike orgasm denial, but I saw the logic. But Daddy had a change of heart and said that I had to wait until ALL my assignment was complete with the links posted and everything. And I had to tease my self at least once a day until that happened. This was after I told him it could take 4 days to process each video. I mean we might be pushing a week!!!! I have never gone that long and I told Daddy that, he agreed and went on to tell me he had been lenient with my orgasm denial and we were gonna be working on that. I wanted to throw a tantrum. I was soooo close. I don’t think I ever felt more “little” then I did in that moment of pure I don’t get what I want so I wanna scream and cry about it cause I don’t know what else to do emotion. I didn’t….I may have gotten a little sullen in my tone. Daddy did have to know I wasn’t happy after all. He gave me a pep talk and assured me that though it may be hard he knew I was strong enough to follow his instructions, it surprisingly made me feel better knowing he had faith in me. So I resolved myself to my new restrictions. After all I may need a reminder here and there about the importance of Daddy’s rules, but I am not all out defiant.  
So Monday was a bust, no time for assignment and a quick frustrating teasing session that had me frustrated and throbby. I woke up in the morning on Tuesday to my hip is gyrating and my bottom waggling around like I was a cat in heat. And that was the state I would have to do my assignment sessions. I was afraid I might accidentally cum when I put the plug in my bottom (I guess Daddy is right I need more practice 😦 ) so I got through Tuesday and was able to allot time for my teasing sessions. This video was way harder to accomplish, as Daddy wanted me to potty for the camera, I kept on getting shy bladder attacks. Then Daddy wanted me to talk about my upcoming spanking while I played, it was so hard to speak, my voice barely reached above a whisper and my face was flaming from start to finish. But again I was so wet and horny. It was the hardest thing ever to stop when I reached the edge. So now I am on day 4 without an orgasm and I have completed the assignments, one I my videos is processed, but the other had trouble uploading last night. I hope I have more luck this afternoon and I hope that the site processes it in record time. I am surprised how consuming this lack of release has become for me. It’s this slow burn as a constant, then something, usually that something is innocent and innocuous, will trigger it and it comes roaring to the foreground, heck I read a magazine the other day and a perfume add nearly had me dry humping my seat.

My 1st assignment video

Some crave pain, others crave blushes.

   So Daddy outlined my punishment for the lapse in journal entries, as well as laid out a blush worthy and frustrating curriculum for the next couple of days. Wait for it…. Another session of teasing and orgasm denial. Daddy does love to test his Babygirl and take control of her orgasms. This time I am not to have an orgasm until Tuesday and only if I follow his instructions to his satisfaction. Well I am nothing if not diligent, when given a specific task…at least most of the time. The specifics are day one(that was today): I had to tease myself twice. Both times I had to have my nipples clamped with the chopsticks and have my bottom filled with my inflatable plug. The final specification, the twist on the standard is this time I had to make a video of the session from the moment I stripped down to the moment I redressed with all the naughty bits in between. I have expressed some curiosity in the realm of exhibitionism and I guess Daddy has decided to help me explore those limits. My blush was instantaneous when Daddy outlined my assignment and I found out he wanted video proof. I cannot tell a lie, I was also instantly wet. It was a bit more intimidating though when I began my first teasing session, I was very aware of each step I took, I also became a little more shy and self conscious about the image I was presenting. Daddy said not to hold back on my moans and groans, I am usually pretty uninhibited and verbal with Daddy. In this situation I found myself almost completely mute. Funny how a curve ball thrown into a familiar situation can completely change the game. I completed my tasks for the day though and as a result am one frustrated little girl. Sleep looks a long time in coming and it took forever to upload my vid on xhamster. Daddy will have me provide a link as soon as it has been processed by the site. Tomorrow I get to look forward to more of the same except when I play tomorrow Daddy wanted me to ask to potty to start….and while I am playing I have to talk about my next punishment. Which will be a hard hand spanking, followed by sitting on my Ouchie bottom and writing an essay about my lapse in following Daddy’s rules followed by my first caning. I am to outline my punishment and describe how I think I will react, how it will feel, if I will cry. Just another way to build the anticipation and give me my dose of embarrassment. Sometimes I wonder why I crave the embarrassment, I may have to find some time to really contemplate that question one of these days.

Uh oh!

I led myself right into this one. I know Daddy’s rules, and I usually try really hard to follow them, after all they’re few and fairly easy, but I forgot one recently and it’s the easiest one for Daddy to keep track of and follow up on. I forgot to update my journal weekly. I mean it’s right there it displays the date of when the entries are made and still I fell into old habits and procrastinated. Today was my day of reckoning, I got called on the lapse. Daddy thinks I need some sort of reminder and some motivation. He left that open ended for now so the my mind is all awhirl with the possibilities that statement could mean. He’s letting me stew a bit and the anticipation of what I let myself in for is killing me. I have a need to put myself in the corner and think about my actions, I know eventually Daddy will send me there anyway. One of my excuses was I didn’t have anything to write about…I have a feeling that will soon be remedied. What does your Daddy do when you lapse one your rules?

Be careful what u wish for!

I have been crazy busy this last while.  Took a mini vacation with friends and it was fun, but I hit the ground running once I got home and it’s been go go go ever since.  Yesterday I made a silent wish for things to slow down just a bit. Today the universe answered my wish with a possibly ruptured tendon in my calf muscle (or is is it calve? not really the point.).  I wasn’t even doing anything overly strenuous.  I walked, WALKED, up a slight incline, then POP. It was like an elastic band snapped and recoiled up the back of my leg.  This resulted in a trip to emerg,  a partial diagnosis  as they need to ultrasound it to see how damaged it is, a splint and what looks to be a lengthy convalescence.  Things slowed down to pretty much full stop.  I am a HORRIBLE invalid,  it has only been a few hrs and I am already antsy and fidgety and I wanna have a tantrum as I see my summer plans of hiking, camping and mud runs disapear in a puff of smoke.  So my advice today for everyone is be careful what you wish for….you just might get it.